Why Miles Ocampo went public about health issues, weight gain

Why Miles Ocampo went public about health issues, weight gain

/ 12:20 AM June 11, 2024

Why Miles Ocampo went public about health issues, weight gain

Miles Ocampo as Princess —TV5

Actress Miles Ocampo’s parents purposely chose not to use the term “cancer” to describe their daughter’s condition until after she underwent a major operation.

“They didn’t want me to feel scared. When I eventually found out, I finally understood the urgency of the operation,” said Miles, who was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma and underwent thyroidectomy in March 2023.


“I’ve always had low pain tolerance. I cry so much whenever I get a facial. Also, whenever I had to shoot projects set in a hospital, I would always feel my stomach churn. It was only during last year’s operation that I got to spend time in the hospital that long,” the 27-year-old actress said.


“I admit that I was already feeling something wrong when I was younger, but I chose to ignore the signs because I’m scared of going to hospitals. Right now, what’s more important is for me to take care of myself.”

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Miles, who is one of the hosts of the noontime variety show “Eat Bulaga,” added she now takes maintenance medicines and has regular blood tests. “I’m grateful to my doctor for constantly monitoring my condition. These days, my major problem is weight gain.”

When she was offered to do “A Family of Two,” she told director Nuel Naval, “You’re going to partner me with Alden (Richards)? I might look like Alden’s mom!” He responded, ‘We’re casting you for your talent, not because of your looks.’ This helped me embrace who I really am. I’ve accepted that weight gain is something I cannot control, no matter how much dieting I do.”

Miles said that since she is a public figure, she chose to go public about her health struggles in order to educate people and encourage them to become more understanding and tolerant of what people like her are going through.

“I couldn’t find any clothes to wear in my closet. No camera angle could make me look thinner. I felt insecure when it came to dressing up because my thinking then was that I needed to cover up every part of my body. Today, I’ve already learned to accept that I would grow big sometimes or lose weight sometimes, depending on my maintenance medicine,” she said.


Miles has since stopped dieting and simply watches what she eats. “No matter what I do, I’d still be this heavy. It’s a good thing that I’ve been biking a lot lately, and that my doctor has decreased my medicine’s dosage. I’ve gotten a lot smaller,” she added.

The cast of the new TV5 series "Padyak Princess"--TV5

Cast of “Padyak Princess” —TV5

By biking, Miles meant she has been busy working on her latest family-oriented series, titled “Padyak Princess,” where she plays a character who drives a pedicab or a three-wheeled pedal-operated vehicle for a living.

A coproduction of Tape Inc., Cignal and MediaQuest, “Padyak Princess” was first pitched to Miles last December while she was still doing the interactive show “Emojination.”

“I didn’t believe it at first. That’s how it is in show biz. You’re only sure a project is yours when you see it airing on TV. Fast-forward to January 2024, they finally presented the project to me. I’m grateful because this is the first time I’ve been given a project this big. The pressure is really overwhelming,” Miles said.

‘Reflection’ of every Filipino

What she found appealing about the story was how it was a “reflection” of every Filipino. “Whenever we are going through something, we choose to show people that we’re OK instead because, in our minds, we know that every problem has a solution. That’s what Princess is like. Despite all the sad things happening in her life and all of Barangay Singko (her community), she prevails. That’s why she has become the go-to person in her community,” she explained.

Interestingly, Miles said Princess will be paired with two guys, Miko (Joao Constancia) and Wesley (Jameson Blake), and that the audience will be forced to take sides.

”I’ll be with two guys in the show—as if I have a 24-inch waistline,” quipped Miles. “Miko is Princess’ best friend. Even if she is strong and dependable, she goes to Miko when she feels like crying. On the other hand, Wesley or Whitey, has a hidden agenda. Someone instructs him to do an important task that leads him to Barangay Singko. You will see Princess and Wesley fight like cat and dog. The story will partly revolve around that.”

Miles said the program couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. She added that she is also well aware of her growing popularity and attributed this to her exposure in “Eat Bulaga.”

“Ever since I was young, I dreamt of having my own show or being part of a movie, but I never imagined I’d be seen in a noontime show. For me, that was impossible. I credit ‘Bulaga’ for the audience’s growing interest in me. Wherever I go, I get called ‘knock knock girl.’ It’s awesome for people to see you on TV every day.”

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“Padyak Princess” will air Mondays to Fridays, 11:15 a. m., starting June 10, with same day catch-up on Buko channel at 7:30 p.m. INQ

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