Boys of summer strike while it’s hot

Boys of summer strike while it’s hot

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Rasison Flores, Dustin Yu, and Prince Carlos. —PHOTOS COURTESY OF SPARKLE GMA

When they were introduced last month as the “boys of summer,” the 12 young GMA Sparkle talents flexed their muscles and smiled for the camera. They were photographed singly and as a group against a wall spray painted with graffiti on what looked like a neighborhood basketball court. The vibe they gave off was scrappy yet approachable.

We chatted with three of them about what they’re looking forward to, how they handle self consciousness, and the pressure—if any—that comes with labels.

Dustin Yu is also a young businessman and is excited about opening his restaurant.

“With all the work I have to deal with as an artist and restaurant owner, I make sure to be disciplined about keeping healthy by working out. Being open to new learnings and managing my time also helps. I always remind myself to keep going, and that every hardship is part of being successful in life,” Dustin said.

Like other teens, he sometimes feels self-conscious, but chooses to focus on the work needed to himself and his appearance. “Being aware of the things I should work on is important. I learned to prioritize what matters most.”

Radson Flores is looking forward to the airing of “Prinsesa ng City Jail” where he plays against type. “It’s my first time doing a kontrabida role, which really excites me.”


To prepare for it, he has been taking acting workshops and swimming classes—a requirement for the role.

“Being one of the Boys of Summer requires discipline and confidence. Working out is just scratching the surface. What is really crucial, in my opinion, is to be proud of your physical prowess and your continuous effort to be fit as a role model for society,” Radson said.

At a very young age, he has figured out something that takes most people years to accept and come to terms with. “Self-consciousness stems from our thinking about people’s opinions about us. We have to remember that most of the time, people are too busy thinking about themselves. Nobody really cares if you lose or gain one or two pounds. Just keep doing your own thing because most of the time people are just too busy doing the same.

‘Great opportunity’

Like Radson, Prince Carlos is excited about the airing of “Mommy Dearest” on GMA 7. “Aside from it being my very first soap, I’m excited for people to watch because the story is really good.”

Tapings are ongoing, but to prepare, Prince has also been taking acting workshops.

We asked all three whether they were bothered by the implication that the label “boys of summer” comes with an expiration date.

“I’m unsure about this,” Dustin said. “All I can say is that popularity depends on the person, management and time. ‘Boys of summer’ is actually one of the great opportunities that will make me relevant. I’m thankful to Sparkle for this and believe that if I keep doing the work, there will be more good opportunities that will help my career grow.”

Prince isn’t bothered by it. “I’m just going to focus on the things I can control. I don’t believe that just because our branding is as the “boys of summer” that we have an expiration date. “This may just be the start of something greater.”

Radson said it best. “Boys will always be boys and summer will always be around the corner.” INQ