Can 'Deadpool & Wolverine' save the MCU?

Can ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ save the MCU?

/ 02:34 PM May 06, 2024

Can 'Deadpool & Wolverine' save the MCU? | Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Are you excited about the upcoming ‘Deadpool & Wolverine‘ movie? I am. It is an upcoming movie that has given moviegoers excitement, anticipation, and hope, all because of the official teaser and trailer, which have perfectly captured the essence of these two beloved Marvel Comic Book characters and what they mean to everyone who has been a fan of them since the very beginning they appeared in the comics.

This soon-to-be-released movie is so important because it renews our faith in the MCU and Marvel Studios’ capabilities. We need this movie to succeed in all aspects, or else the MCU will continue to decline. If this movie fails, which is unimaginable at this point, Marvel Studios is in serious, serious trouble. Then, nothing can save them, because there is no real “Multiverse” in real life wherein you can reset, undo, or remake something that has already happened. There is no “Thanos snap” either. In reality, they should not have gotten involved with the “Woke Movement” because that is where things began to not work with the majority of moviegoers—that is, when people realized a bizarre changing shift in narrative and when the movies began to not feel like they came from the MCU at all.


However, Marvel Studios might be facing more problems because they constantly push for socio-political themes and agendas in their latest movies without mercy. This “wokeness” can ruin the fun of watching a movie and take away everything good from the movie experience.


People don’t want constant lectures about racism, equality, and other ********; they just want to enjoy the movie they paid to watch. They should watch something else and leave these kinds of movies alone. It’s important to prioritize common sense, logical thinking, and normal sensibilities to ensure that the MCU can thrive, or else it could go bankrupt. People do not want another ‘The Marvels’ movie that bore the hell out of moviegoers with its lectures and activism mentality disguised as a supposed superhero movie, because it is not a superhero movie despite what you might see on the surface; it is something else.

This reminds me that strong reports are circulating that Ryan Reynolds decided to remove Brie Larson’s cameo as Captain Marvel from ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ due to concerns that her appearance would disrupt the movie’s vibe and flow. All I can say is that he is correct. Ryan Reynolds made a critical and correct decision that would save his movie with Hugh Jackman. Captain Marvel has been a major turn-off for almost everyone because the onscreen character is smug, unlikable, and hates men. There, I said it. Someone finally did.

The irony here is that Captain Marvel (the real one) was a true hero among heroes in Marvel Comics; he was a powerful cosmic being of the Kree race who got even the respect of his most mortal enemies (The Skrulls and Thanos) upon his death. For Pete’s sake, Thanos greeted Captain Marvel in the afterlife. That is how respected he was by everyone. I know because I have vintage Captain Marvel issues and graphic novels. Also, somehow the movie studio mixed up their presentation of Captain Marvel with Ms. Marvel, as they are two separate Marvel Comic Book characters and not one person. Too bad; the version we got on the big screen is the complete opposite of all of those positive traits and qualities of the original Captain Marvel.

By all accounts, Ryan Reynolds took the necessary steps to avoid hurting his movie and further upsetting fans who are already disenfranchised by the latest movies from Marvel Studios by cutting out the cameo of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. Reminding us of the individuals and elements that have significantly harmed the MCU is unnecessary. We need to get away from all of those things and move forward to bigger, better, and brighter things in the MCU.

But don’t worry; Deadpool is here to save the day in both what happens in the MCU and behind it. He is one of the few Marvel superheroes who have successfully transitioned from comics to cinema, and his ability to break the fourth wall and engage with viewers is what makes him an ideal superhero for the times. Ryan Reynolds understands what the MCU has missed and how to restore its enjoyment and fun because he is a fan of Deadpool and Wolverine. In short, he thinks like most of us.

Proof of that is Deadpool’s initial goal was to restore Wolverine to being Wolverine and bring him back into the fold as shown at the end of Deadpool 2, and it has finally happened. In reality, this is a perfect case of life imitating art, and what happens in the movies is what goes on behind the scenes to restore everything to the way it should be. Ryan Reynolds has been pushing for many years to have a comic book-accurate Wolverine appear in the movies. Ryan Reynolds was championing it for the longest time, and it only happened after the massive success of the first two Deadpool movies.


I cannot stress enough how exciting it is to see Wolverine accurately portrayed on the big screen, straight from the pages of Marvel Comic Books. It feels like a gift to everyone who has patiently waited for Marvel Studios to get Wolverine right. This is the start of Marvel Studios’ journey to restore a sense of honor by authentically portraying and depicting our beloved Marvel superheroes from their comic book origins. It’s time to bring them to life on the big screen, as close as they can appear to their comic book-based origins. We watch superhero movies to see them come true to what they were in the comic books, plain and simple.

In the end, it should never be the case of “forcing” the moviegoers to accept that this is the way their reiteration or version should be and no “buts” or “ifs” about it, because the people who would buy tickets to watch the MCU movies a majority of them are comic book readers and collectors and for the younger demographic they got into Marvel Comic Books after watching the MCU movies that came out from 2008 to 2019. So, it went full circle and whether you were first into the comics or begun to read them after, it all led to the same thing which is we all watch the movies because there is only one Marvel Studios and one MCU.

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It’s been too long—over two decades—before Marvel Studios finally realized the importance of staying true to the origins of superheroes in their comic book selves. Now, we can finally witness Wolverine in his true form. It’s time to let go of the past and look forward to the future. Let’s make ‘Deadpool & Wolverine a massive commercial success and show the world that superhero movies can be faithful to their comic book origins. So, mark your calendars and get ready to say, “Let’s fu***** go!” when ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ hits cinemas in the Philippines.

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