BINI, G22 showcase P-pop talent, girl power in EXO Lay’s show ‘Show It All’

BINI, G22 showcase P-pop talent, girl power in EXO Lay’s show ‘Show It All’.  Images: X/@bini_ph, @G22Official

(From left) BINI and G22 on the Chinese show “Show It All.” Images: X/@bini_ph, @G22Official

BINI and G22 displayed their singing, dancing, and performance skills at “Show It All,” a Chinese reality show produced by EXO member and solo artist Lay Zhang.

“Show It All,” which is also hosted by Zhang, is a reality program that centers around honing the vocal, dance, and performance skills of trainees to create a well-rounded idol group. The show is streamed on the China-based app MangoTV with performance clips and highlights uploaded on its YouTube channel.

The P-pop girl groups made a splash on the show’s April 25 episode, which focused on Zhang hoping to develop the trainees’ vocal skills while dancing and performing live.

As seen in the show, BINI performed their songs “Karera” and “I Feel Good,” while showing off their variety show skills and other talents to the show’s contestants and backstage hosts.

The members of BINI also shared a glimpse of their off-stage personalities in a backstage interview, with snippets of them rehearsing and briefly staying in what appeared to be a dorm.

“I think this experience will be something that we’ll always carry and treasure with us. Being to come here in China, it’s our first time,” member Aiah Arceta said. “[Kindness] is something we’re always taught by our coaches.”

On the other hand, G22’s Alfea, Jaz, and AJ performed their songs “Babalik” and “Bang,” with the lattermost showing their dance skills.

Member Jaz also spoke about wanting to show “vulnerability” through “Babalik” in an onstage interview, and they also showed off their variety show skills backstage.

The three-member group also took to their official X (formerly Twitter) page to share glimpses of their onstage preparations.

Zhang was seemingly amazed by the Filipina groups’ performances and off-stage personalities in the show, as seen on clips shared by fan accounts on X.

BINI and G22 will again be featured in the show’s next episode where they will perform “Pantropiko” and “Boomerang,” respectively.

Also known as the “Nation’s Girl Group,” BINI is composed of Jhoanna, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, and Sheena. The eight-member group is best known for their hit songs “Pantropiko,” “Salamin Salamin,” “Lagi,” and “Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi.”

Meanwhile, G22 — consisting of Alfea, Jaz, and AJ — is tagged as the “Female Alphas” by P-pop circles. They made their debut in February 2022 with “Bang.”

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