JK Labajo calls for support for MUPH bet Dia Mate, gets ‘deja vu’

JK Labajo calls for support for MUPH bet Dia Mate, gets 'deja vu'

Dia Mate and JK Labajo. Image: TikTok/@juankarlow; Miss Universe Philippines website

JK Labajo seemed to have relived some moments from the past after he asked fans for votes for singer-beauty queen Dia Mate, his rumored girlfriend who is competing at the 2024 Miss Universe Philippines (MUPH) pageant.

The “Ere” singer shared the official photos of Cavite representative Mate for the pageant’s swimsuit challenge, through his Facebook page on Tuesday, April 23.

“Heya, it’s me. Please vote for the beautiful bebe, Ms. Cavite through the MUPH app. Thank you,” he said.

Labajo, in a rather joking manner, then disclosed feeling a sense of deja vu via a comment which earned over 16,000 “haha” reactions.

Deja vu, as defined by Cambridge Dictionary, is the “strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now.”

Image: Facebook/juan karlos

While he didn’t expound on his remark, netizens had a hilarious response to Labajo as they apparently presumed that the actor-singer was alluding to his previous relationship with beauty queen Maureen Wroblewitz.

It can be recalled that Wroblewitz joined Miss Universe Philippines as well in 2021, where she emerged as the first runner-up. Prior to the coronation night, Labajo also took to his social media page to ask the public to vote for Wroblewitz.

Image: Instagram/@juankarlos

Image: Instagram/@juankarlos

Image: Instagram/@juankarlos

Labajo and Wroblewitz were in a relationship for about five years before they called it quits in 2022.

Meanwhile, dating speculations involving Labajo and Mate arose in 2023 after they featured each other on their respective social media pages.

Both Labajo and Mate have yet to confirm their relationship, although fans believe the couple have already made public their romance after calling each other “love” and “bb”—a shorter version of the endearment term “baby”—in an Instagram post last February.

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