Yasmien Kurdi’s Facebook page flagged for baby’s gender reveal video

Yasmien Kurdi's Facebook page flagged for baby's gender reveal video | Image: Instagram/@yasmien_kurdi

Yasmien Kurdi urges obscene videos on the internet to be reported | Image: Instagram/@yasmien_kurdi

Kapuso actress Yasmien Kurdi could not hold back her annoyance after her Facebook page was reported for supposed harassment and bullying after she posted a gender reveal video for her second baby.

On Instagram, Kurdi lamented that there were so many lewd content proliferating on the internet which are not being reported, while wholesome and harmless content are erroneously being flagged.

“Ang i-report niyo po ay ang mga malalaswang contents, huwag po yung wholesome contents. Isipin po natin ang mga anak at magiging anak natin. Anong klaseng mundo ba natin sila gusto palakihin?” she remarked.

(Please report the obscene content, not the wholesome content. Let’s think about our children and our future children. What kind of world do we want to raise them in?)

The “StarStruck” alumna shared that her videos usually get taken down or reported even if they’re harmless, unlike the obscene and offensive videos that continue to stay online. 

“Just last night we posted a video of our mini gender reveal and to our surprise this was taken down today both on FB and IG due to bullying and harassment. We get reported a lot for wholesome contents,” she said.

“Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit offensive na ang ganitong mga bagay ngayon, at ang kalaswayan tulad ng paghuhubad at pagmumura etc ay tanggap na tanggap.” added the actress.

(I don’t understand why things like this are offensive now, and indecency like stripping and cursing etc is perfectly acceptable.)

In a 2022 study by the Ethics & Public Policy Center, the prevalence of obscenity on the internet demands a stronger implementation of laws, as “obscenity has never been more prolific in our society than it is now due to the internet. Enforcement has not been able to keep up with the sheer volume of obscenity online because of the narrowness of the legal definition for it.”

Kurdi is currently pregnant with her second daughter.

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