Michelle Madrigal credits gentle parenting for ‘deep bond’ with daughter

Michelle Madrigal credits gentle parenting for 'deep bond' with daughter

Michelle Madrigal and her daughter Anika. Image: Instagram/@mitch_madrigal

Michelle Madrigal opened up about motherhood and admitted that “coming from a different era,” she had to learn gentle parenting for her daughter Anika.

The celebrity mom spoke about this while showing a carousel of photos with her six-year-old child, through her Instagram page on Monday, April 15.

“Becoming a mom to Anika has transformed how I approach parenting. I’ve embraced conscious parenting, prioritizing her needs above all else,” she began.

“Coming from a different era, I had to learn the art of gentle parenting, aiming to create a deep bond with my daughter. I feel incredibly blessed that she confides in me without hesitation,” she continued.

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Madrigal underscored that having a “safe and nurturing environment” for her child—and future children if ever—is her ultimate goal as a parent.

“Parenting is complex; it’s about striking a balance between guidance and letting them explore. It truly takes a community filled with love, empathy, and patience to raise kind-hearted, respectful children,” she said.

Madrigal had fans and fellow moms nodding in agreement, with most of them commending the actress for being a great mom.

Image: Instagram/@mitch_madrigal

Image: Instagram/@mitch_madrigal

Image: Instagram/@mitch_madrigal

Anika is Madrigal’s daughter with her former husband Troy Woolfolk. The actress and Woolfolk’s divorce was finalized in April 2022.

In the same year, Madrigal had a non-showbiz boyfriend but she confirmed their split in July 2023.