Why Batman (1989) is still the best of all of them

Why Batman (1989) is still the best of all of them

/ 03:06 PM April 11, 2024

Michael Keaton and Kim Bassinger in Batman. Image from Warner Bros. and DC Comics

Michael Keaton and Kim Bassinger in Batman. Image from Warner Bros. and DC Comics

Comic book fans have recognized and adored Batman for decades as one of the most prominent superheroes. Nevertheless, the release of Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 not only achieved immense financial success but also served as a pivotal moment in shaping the public’s perception of the iconic DC comic book character.

The film’s success primarily stems from its astute artistic, thematic, and visual choices. Tim Burton’s imaginative and unconventional depiction of Gotham City as a somber, mysterious, and Gothic environment accurately mirrored Batman’s introspective nature. The superb set design, costuming, and makeup enhanced the film’s distinctive appearance and emotional impact. Consequently, the movie established a foundation for subsequent Batman films to delve into the character’s melancholy and intricate aspects.


Michael Keaton’s portrayal of The Dark Knight was a key factor in the remarkable success of Batman (1989). Keaton’s performance was a stunner, despite widespread skepticism regarding his physical stature as a character and his previous filmography. Despite uneducated and ignorant criticism, he managed to introduce a significant amount of depth, honesty, and complexity to the DC Comic Book character without making drastic alterations or diminishing his original essence.


Keaton’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne is remarkable due to his ability to depict the character’s internal conflict with finesse, self-control, and sophistication. Undoubtedly, Keaton effortlessly personifies Batman on the silver screen, as if he had done it on several occasions in the past.

Without his exceptional depiction, the potential range of Batman films remains uncertain. He established the atmosphere: ‘While I wouldn’t go to the extent of saying it was the norm, Michael Keaton undeniably brought to the attention of subsequent actors the importance of treating the DC Comic Book character with seriousness and avoiding any frivolity.’

The film Batman (1989) exerted a significant influence on popular culture, particularly in the realms of fashion, music, and art. The film’s gothic visual style and famous “Bat Symbol” captured the spirit of the times, and its exploration of dualism and identity deeply resonated with global viewers seeking a superhero to admire for various personal motivations.

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The film’s global box office success also sparked a renewed interest in Batman comics, contributing to the character’s reputation as one of DC Comics’ best-selling comic books. I own the Batman (1989)-inspired DC graphic novel, several action figures, and the missile-launching Batmobile. The movie would result in a proliferation of diverse merchandise and products.

The film Batman (1989) significantly improved the audience’s opinion of the character. Batman has long been associated with the exaggerated, cheerful, and eccentric atmosphere of the 1960s TV program.


Nevertheless, Burton’s film offered a somber, remarkable, and sophisticated portrayal of Batman that is deeply connected with comic book enthusiasts and others unfamiliar with the genre. It demonstrated that superhero movies could transcend their perceived status as mere children’s amusement and become a medium for nostalgia and enjoyment.

Additionally, it played a crucial role in establishing the genre as a legitimate platform for complex, profound, and emotionally charged storytelling, thanks to the contributions of Tim Burton and Michael Keaton. Superhero films have incorporated Batman’s (1989) gothic and industrial architecture, visual style, and character cast into their cultural vocabulary. Zack Snyder and James Gunn’s contemporary films within the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) continue to reflect their lasting impact.

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However, Batman (1989) stands out as the most significant achievement, revolutionizing the genre and establishing the standard for all subsequent Batman interpretations. It continues to hold the top spot as my personal favorite among all Batman films. Recommendation: Choose viewing in high definition or the original format over the 4K version.

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