Magic Men Australia on their 'interesting display of masculinity'

Magic Men Australia on their ‘unique, interesting display of masculinity’

/ 06:12 PM February 29, 2024

Aussie hunks on their 'unique, interesting display of masculinity'

Magic Men Australia. Image: TRIFECTA BRAND LAB

Rippling muscles, rock-solid physique, and their attractive looks aside — Magic Men Australia wanted their fans and followers to know that there’s more to them than what meets the eye.

Take for example their professionalism and earnest desire to entertain. Magic Men regard their performances as a “unique and interesting display of masculinity” which, they believe, is what makes it a “memorable experience” for their audience.


“I think we created such an interesting display of masculinity more than anything — that’s what they really remember,” said Jeff Cornelius, one of the members of the group from Down Under, during a virtual interview with recently.


The 10-member group, who is set to fly to the Philippines for a two-night male revue show in March, considered their performance as something of a craft.

“I think what we do is we create such a unique display of masculinity that the girls aren’t really used to seeing on a regular basis. I guess because they don’t see it very often, it’s something that they really think about for quite a while,” Cornelius added.

The Aussie hunks further spoke about their profession and how their shows “bring out the youth in women.”

Carlos Fang, another Magic Men member, said the group aims to celebrate their audience in every show and leave them with a “memorable and positive experience.”

“Sometimes, the smallest interaction that we have with our audience plays the longest part and it gives them something to giggle about down the track,” he said.

Speaking about their interactions with Filipino audiences in Australia, the Magic Men members said they have already “adjusted” and are prepared to stage their performance in the country.


“I know the Filipino women are quite shy but I’m very confident that we’re definitely gonna bring out the more exciting version of them,” Cornelius said, quipping how they “will be talking about [the Magic Men show] up until next year.”

On being inclusive

The group also spoke about the common misconceptions about them and in their line of work, one of which is that they only cater to women. Fang, addressing the matter, underscored that everyone—including men—are more than welcome to their show.

“We do say ‘ladies’ a lot because it’s the traditional way to greet our patrons but in this day and age, we do want to cater our show to everybody — both the LGBTQ community, the disabled community, any community that’s wanting equality is more than welcome to come to Magic Men,” Fang said.

Magic Men member Will Parfitt, who is a dead ringer for “Magic Mike” star Channing Tatum,  then underscored that respect always comes first in every performance and that they make it a point that it is observed both by the performer and the interacting audience member.

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“Before they come to the stage, we speak to them and make sure that they’re not too drunk or too nervous or too excited,” Parfitt said.

Supporting Parfitt’s statement, Fang continued, “We believe that communication is very important… There is a lot of communication happening because it is a live show, they don’t know what to expect and it’s our job to make sure that it looks smooth and that they feel comfortable. That’s what we do best.”

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