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Why Judy Ann likens Ryan to ‘sopas’ and ‘halo-halo’

/ 12:10 AM September 02, 2023

Judy Ann Santos

Judy Ann Santos

Judy Ann Santos and I used to chill at her former bar in Timog, Kilimanjaro many night-outs ago. So at Juday’s launch as the new ambassador of Alaska Milk, I told her in jest that we went “from tequila to Alaska.” We both had a good laugh about it.

Just like the homegrown milk company, Juday is a household name. They have teamed up to show moms how to make “SustansyaYum” meals (Alaskananay.club.com).


As the marketing director of the milk brand Ms Star Estacio puts it, “Judy Ann is not just an accomplished actress, she is a mom and wife, a chef and a purpose-driven influencer who sees food as a tool to help better the lives of those around her.”


Juday always cooks up something extraordinary on-cam and in the kitchen. She stops, cooks and glistens.

Here are quotes from Juday:


Cooking is a lot like love. You won’t be able to master it if you don’t learn from your mistakes.

Ryan (Agoncillo, her husband) and I don’t always reward our kids with material stuff. We would rather invest in moments and experiences, like taking trips together or trying a new hobby.

I don’t know what it’s like to grow up with a dad around. So when I see Ryan dote on our kids, it feels like I’m watching a movie.

Pardon the cliché, but it’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. You don’t have to cook like a chef. Even just basic homecooking, as long as it’s done with love.

Ryan and I have been together for 19 years (15 years as a married couple). Graduate na kami sa petty fights. Or to be blunt about it, we already know the smell of each other’s farts.

If Ryan were a dish or delicacy, he would be sopas on a rainy day and halo-halo on a humid day.

Empoy Marquez (left) and Cristine Reyes

Empoy Marquez (left) and Cristine Reyes


Cristine and Empoy’s ‘natural rapport’

Cristine Reyes and Empoy Marquez are an unlikely pair. But based on the trailer of their Viva movie “Kidnap for Romance,” they have that certain je ne sais quoi as a tandem.

In the rom-com, which opens in cinemas on Sept. 6, Cristine plays Elena, a stuntwoman who joins a syndicate, while Empoy portrays Fred, the grandson of a billionaire. She is assigned to abduct him and hold him captive for ransom.

Elena captures Fred, but it was a close call with the police. So they hide in the villa of Fred’s family. Mayhem ensues when his grandfather presumes that they are lovers and demands that they get hitched.

Let Elena and Fred’s story show you how love can come from unexpected faces and move in hilarious ways.

Here are quotes from Cristine (C) and Empoy (E):

C: Empoy is prim and proper off-cam. Even if we are not close friends, we have natural rapport.

E: Not too many people know how funny Cristine is as a person. May pagka-slapstick siya (laughs). Organic ang pagpapatawa niya. She’s the type who can make comedians laugh.

C: I want to veer away from sexy movies and do more projects with substance. It would be fun to do a remake of “Gagay.” I find the story so cute and may kurot sa puso.

E: My team-up with Cristine has a different flavor than what Alex (Alessandra de Rossi) and I had in “Kita Kita.” I don’t let the success of my movie with Alex pressure me to surpass it this time around with Cristine. We just want to spread good vibes through our film.

C: Not everyone understands how heavy the work of actors are. So we need people who can help us lighten up. That’s why it’s a plus factor if a guy can make me laugh.

E: I used to be always the sidekick in movies. Never did I imagine that I could play bida and be paired with A-list stars.

AJ Raval (left) and Aljur Abrenica

AJ Raval (left) and Aljur Abrenica


AJ and Aljur, lovers on-cam and off

After AJ Raval and Aljur Abrenica made their “hush-hush” relationship official to the “Marites community,” here they are to satisfy curious minds all the more as they play beleaguered lovers in “Sugapa” (streaming on Vivamax).

Megged by Lawrence Fajardo, it’s about a young couple (Anna and Ben) who seeks greener pastures in the big city. When they become slaves to money, lust, addiction, obsession and power, will there still be room for love in their hearts?

Here are quotes from AJ, Aljur (A) and Lawrence (L):

AJ: In “Nerisa,” Aljur was like a kuya to me. This is our first movie that we have intimate scenes together. I discovered that it takes a while for Aljur to shake off his character.

A: It’s my first time to be paired onscreen with my real-life girlfriend. But that does not make the love scenes easier. We have to execute it the cinematic way as Ben and Anna and not as Aljur and AJ.

L: The title of our movie depends on how you conceptualize it. Are the characters addicted to something or someone? Who or what do they cling on to in order to achieve their dreams?

AJ: Aljur taught me how to be “chill” when it comes to bashers. From my character Anna, I learned that a couple must strive to understand each other more so they won’t give up easily when problems arise.

A: Just like my character Ben, I came to Manila to try my luck and faced many obstacles. I almost gave up but I’m glad I held on.

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L: Our film serves as a cautionary tale about how cruel life in the big city can be. It will remind the audience that there is always a tradeoff.

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