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No room for angst in Rhian Ramos’ world

/ 12:10 AM July 15, 2023

Rhian Ramos

Rhian Ramos

I am hooked on GMA 7’s riveting mystery drama series, “Royal Blood” (weeknights after “Voltes V”). As the cliché goes, blood is thicker than water, but for the Royaleses in RB, their blood boils as the plot thickens.

Rhian Ramos portrays Margaret, the religious yet angst-ridden daughter of billionaire Gustavo Royales. But in real life, there’s no room for angst in Rhian’s world. She and son amour Sam Verzosa are savoring love the second time around. May the “new version” of their histoire d’amour have no end.


Here’s my chat with Rhian:


Is Sam finally “the one”?

It’s so hard to speak of things before they happen, but I can at least admit that I hope so… I’d like him to be. Self-discovery has been a big part of our relationship and I’m happy to be with someone who I can grow and learn with and is also dedicated to growing and improving himself.

How has your relationship improved after Sam and you reconciled?

We recognized that the first thing we had to improve on was the way we communicate and understand each other, and realized working on that also affected how we trust each other and are each other’s safe space.

Your character, Margaret, has so much angst. In real life, how do you handle anger?

Anger is my least favorite emotion. I acknowledge this feeling when I’m alone and then speak to someone who can give me a fair opinion on whatever the trigger was. It’s only when I’m calm that I can address the problem because nothing good has ever come when I speak in anger. As Confucius says, when anger rises, think of the consequences.

What’s your advice to women trapped in dysfunctional families like the Royaleses in RB?

Be open about their intentions for themselves and one another so that they can have a common goal. It is easier to be united when you realize that everyone is on the same team. If this is not possible, then friends are very important as they are the family that we can choose.

Joko Diaz (right) with daughter Ashley

Joko Diaz (right) with daughter Ashley


Horror flick introduces father-daughter tandem

Urban legends keep us wondering about the story behind the story. Just like the one about a “beauty and brains” student who was raped and killed by a janitor, which became the talk of the town back in 2000.


As the tale goes, her spirit still wanders in the school premises. Let the truth unravel in Viva’s upcoming horror flick, “Mary Cherry Chua” (MCC), showing in cinemas on July 19 and megged by Roni Benaid. It is headlined by the father-and-daughter tandem of Joko and Ashley Diaz, Kokoy de Santos and Abby Bautista. Brace yourself for the mystery of Ms Cherry.

Here are quotes from Ashley (A), Joko (J) and Roni (R):

A: Knowing that the story of our movie really happened kind of pressured us to execute it right or else MCC might turn in her grave and baka kami naman ang multuhin n’ya.

R: On a scale of one to 10, our film is 9.5 in scare level. It will spark conversations about “horror stories” in every campus. All schools have their own eerie legends.

J: I’m not a stage father, but I’m always here to guide Ashley. This is her launching film. I had my time. Mas magaling daw dapat ang anak sa magulang, and Ashley is making me believe that.

R: Even if our film is somewhat like Mikhail Red’s “Eerie,” about a dead student who haunts the school campus, we are more focused on finding justice for MCC. And our way of scaring the audience is different. We want the Gen Z people to know about the popular urban legend back in the day through our film.

A: Even if many other children of so-called “show biz royalty” are joining the industry like me, I don’t feel threatened. I would rather focus on my growth as an artist. Besides, there’s room for everyone in the biz.

R: After the success of Viva’s horror movie “Deleter,” I am up for the challenge. It is better to watch MCC in cinemas for maximum impact without distractions.

Cast of “High (School) on Sex 2”

Cast of “High (School) on Sex 2”


Vehicle to launch PantaXa Girls

Is it sex without love or love without sex for the naughty students? Find out in “High (School) on Sex 2” (now streaming on Vivamax, with new episodes every Sunday). Directed by GB Sampedro, it stars Clifford Pusing, Angelica Hart, Apple Dy, Aiko Garcia, Audrey Avila and Cess Garcia.

Join these bunch of mischiefs as they have fun with the wrong ones while waiting for the right one to come along.

Here are quotes from GB, Angelica (A) and Clifford (C):

GB: Even if it’s a sequel, the storyline and cast are different. But it has the same naughtiness as the first installment. It’s a vehicle to launch the PantaXa Girls.

A: My fetish is getting intimate with my boyfriend while we are on the verge of being caught. My ultimate fantasy is Diego Loyzaga.

C: I’m the opposite of the character I portray who’s too self-confident. I’m a shy guy. But like him, I experienced being with an older woman.

GB: As a former actor, I am more attuned to the stars I direct. I ask for their inputs and have an open relationship with them, so there’s no kapaan.

A: While shooting our movie, my mind went on flashback mode to my high school days, when I experienced many “firsts.”

GB: It’s unavoidable that moralists will be judgmental about our movie, but I just let them be. We are just presenting the other side of the coin and mirroring the reality in high schoolers’ lives.

A: The characters played by Wilbert Ross and Angela Morena are my faves in the first installment. They made the series colorful.

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GB: Directing veterans makes my job easier, but I don’t want to be complacent. That’s why I enjoy directing newbies who are eager to learn. Its fulfilling to be part of their journey to stardom.

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