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Everybody’s a winner in the new and unbeatable ‘Eat Bulaga’

/ 02:52 PM July 09, 2023

Eat Bulaga

Image: screengrab from Facebook/Paolo Contis

Finally, the right steps are being taken to secure the revamped Eat Bulaga its place, timeslot, and permanent home on local television. I, for one, am elated that the “insurances” necessary are being implemented so that this ultimate version of Eat Bulaga will be seen for a long, long time more. After all, and in truth, and in fact, this noontime show is for the people: the viewers at home, the in-studio audience, and the Filipinos.

That this new and revamped noontime show is indeed for the viewers at home, the in-studio audience and the Filipinos is recognized, acknowledged, and accepted as fact by all concerned with the entire body of this new Eat Bulaga was finally crystallized to the management and the public alike when Isko Moreno, one of the main hosts, had categorically averred: “Kayo naman ang bida!” I could not have said it any better because it was straight to the point, plain and simple.


Indeed, this noontime show is not for the hosts of the program. It is for the people.


When there is goodness and right intention and purpose in those involved behind the scenes and on camera, expect only good things will happen and will continue to happen for everyone involved in the revamped Eat Bulaga.

With this new and better version of Eat Bulaga, the “Tulong at Saya” promised to all will continue and that is quoting Isko Moreno again.


The choice of the main hosts and the co-hosts–Paolo Contis, Isko Moreno, Alexa Miro, Winwyn Marquez, Betong Sumaya, Buboy Villar, the twins Cassy Legaspi and Mavy Legaspi, Dasuri Choi, Kimpoy Feliciano, Yasser Marta–could not have been more perfect. It is “lightning in a bottle” to have such an excellent mix of artists, celebrities, and personalities that has given the revamped Eat Bulaga an immediate family-like atmosphere, and many times you would think that they have all been together far longer than we, the viewers, have seen them collectively as a team.

I attribute and equate their wholesome camaraderie that translates very transparently and fluidly onscreen–and more importantly, to the viewing public–to the mutual respect for and admiration of their individual uniqueness, and the genuine fondness the host and co-hosts have for each other. This can be gleaned by the audience. This sense of fellowship they exhibit is so important for the viewing public because it is precisely what makes the new Eat Bulaga so fun, even often funny, so refreshing, so joyful, so relaxing, that it makes you eagerly look forward to seeing them again the next day each day.

A noontime show is an entity, a brand, and a platform. It does not belong to the hosts and co-hosts, writers and production, no matter how many decades they have been there because first of all, they are paid talents, often extremely well. It means they cannot have a lackadaisical stance and develop over time a smug and overbearing attitude toward their work. They owe the people. The people do not owe them a living. Because they are paid fully for the work they have to do and it does not mean and does not include taking advantage and liberties with participants by word or deed with sexual innuendos as committed by some co-hosts on air for decades which were never ever stopped or corrected or reprimanded. This reminds me of another noontime show whose main host has been getting away with lewd conduct on air for decades, too. What makes them believe they have license and right to such misconduct? I hope this not ever happen on the flagship channel of the network.

Now back to the things that are working right and are uplifting to the revamped Eat Bulaga which I was talking about. An entity, a brand, and a platform also mean all those people merely work for the noontime show, and always the management and network will have the final say. Plain and simple, and there it is.

That is why, with this new revamped Eat Bulaga, it is clear that everyone involved directly with the management and production now work hand-in hand and the ultimate intention and purpose of the network are coming to pass to deliver the ultimate version of this noontime show in front of the camera and behind the scenes. And they have succeeded.
They are victorious in their search for perfection.

The past month has been a whirlwind of positive changes. With eagle eyes, immediate rectifications are made, segments are improved and upped on an almost daily basis. Segments are juggled and evolving to keep viewers guessing awaiting each one. Even the parlor games are creative, sometimes silly, but they provide simple fun to the in-house audience participants and even the hosts are so engaged, enjoying them as well. The daily big cash prizes are so incredible and have been unheard of before. It is a small gesture by management of giving back to the people because they–the people, the public, the viewers–are the ones to be given credit for making this new Eat Bulaga the Number One noontime show. Let’s face it, without the people, where would any show, any host, any entertainer be, anyway?

The much-anticipated music segment is so important because it pays tribute to our legendary and iconic local bands and gives much-needed exposure to young, new, or relatively unknown bands and artists. I liken the music segment–to which I had long been espousing and wishing for to materialize–to the heart that pumps energy robustly and gives uplifting adrenalin to this revamped Eat Bulaga.

The “G sa Gedli” segment serves to open our eyes to suffering and hardship in our midst that cannot be denied or ignored. It should teach everyone to develop empathy and compassion and mercy towards our neighbors. The generous cash gifts given randomly in the streets are often verily the long and much awaited and perhaps the only lifeline by some recipients to a tomorrow.

Surprise segments, new segments, creative segments are constantly churned out by the production staff which proves they are certainly not a lazy bunch this time around. These redound to making everyone, but everyone, a winner–the network, the management, the production, staff and crew, the hard-working hosts who show great leadership qualities, and the exuberant youthful co-hosts who bring the noontime show to life daily. And most of all, the Filipinos who get the opportunity to watch the program.

So, everybody’s a winner in the new and unbeatable Eat Bulaga!

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It’s amazing!!! As Betong loves to say.


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