Popular boy band members not as ‘wholesome’ as fans think they are

Here’s a cautionary warning to boy band aficionados: Be careful who you idolize. For all you know, what you see isn’t what it always is away from the bright lights. Sometimes, what you see is merely “manufactured image” that doesn’t truly reflect a celebrity’s real personality.

Seasoned Journo (SJ) got the shock of his life when he reconnected with media friends from neighboring countries recently. After all, SJ didn’t realize that the long-revered members of Asian Boy Band (BB) that Pinoy fans have been crazy about for a long time now aren’t really the ideal and morally upstanding idols he always thought they were.

After SJ wrapped up his interviews for an event at a Southeast Asian city, he happily sat down and had dinner with Media Insider (MI), who mentioned in passing that he used to work for BB before he got his big break at a prominent media company.

What SJ got from MI was unsolicited information that turned out to be more revelatory than intended.

Over dinner, MI recalled how rude BB members were. “If you think working for BB behind the scenes was a dream, you’ve got another think coming. It was a nightmare! They would throw pizza on walls and were always rude to people around them when there weren’t cameras or fans around,” MI said.

Yup, BB members were like “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” MI added, shaking his head in frustration at what he saw as a young intern: “And when they would temporarily hand us their phones after short breaks during guestings, shoots or performances, the “messages” they exchanged or shared with their friends were of the “lurid” sort. And worse, they would sometimes be high during performances!”

So, MI told SJ that he was only too happy to switch jobs as soon as he found a way out of there. Good riddance.


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Jodi Sta. Maria

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Klea Pineda

• Klea Pineda umamin na: ‘I’m gay! Ito na ang pinakamatapang na desisyon na nagawa ko sa buong buhay ko!’ (Brave and gutsy, indeed.)

• Vice Ganda sa mga nangba-bash sa pagbili nila ng aso ni Ion Perez: Hindi ba pwedeng hayaan n’yo kaming maging masaya? (S’ya nga naman. Cut the couple some slack.)

• Andi Eigenmann nabawasan ng 60 lbs makalipas ang 2 taong “balik-alindog” program, pangarap ding maging nutritionist (Way to go, Andi. No one is ever too old to start pursuing new dreams.)

• Basher na nagpakalat ng fake news laban kay Bela Padilla nag-sorry na, umaming nagsinungaling (These bashers are often empowered by their anonymity.)