Daughters of veteran actresses release statement on fraud claims

Daughters of veteran actresses release statement on fraud claims

(LEFT) Gloria Romero and Caridad Sanchez

The daughters of veteran actresses Caridad Sanchez and Gloria Romero released a statement this week after learning that their mothers are being used to peddle a type of essential oil that claims to benefit the mental and physical well-being of the elderly. The brand’s online site features “testimonials” of the two actresses, as well as those of a supposed neurologist, a physician, a housewife, a college student and a high school student.

Maritess Gutierrez, daughter of movie queen Gloria Romero, said that her mother had never issued any statements in support of the brand. “It’s terrible how these alleged companies are using the names and faces of two highly respected actresses. What’s worse is that my mom and Tita Caridad are super seniors already!”


Caridad Sanchez’s daughter, Cathy Babao, learned about the ad from a friend. “I knew right away it was a fraud because my mom doesn’t even know about that product, and the testimonial attributed to her does not sound like her at all.”

Babao is shocked that the company would brazenly take advantage of two senior actresses who are now quietly living their lives away from the limelight. “The bigger sin for me is that they are taking advantage of Tita Gloria and my mom’s credibility to sell a product to other seniors who might be easily fooled by their false and fraudulent claims.”

Gutierrez and Babao are now in talks with their lawyers as to how to put a stop to this fraudulent online advertisement.


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