MIAA worker in hot water after ‘unprofessional,’ ‘disrespectful’ treatment of K-Pop group Enhypen

Images: Screengrab from Tiktok/@heyitsdemianne

Images: Screengrab from Tiktok/@heyitsdemianne

Fans of the K-Pop group Enhypen are up in arms after what they claimed were “unprofessional” and “disrespectful” behavior by some personnel of the Manila International Airport Authority towards their idols as they departed Manila following their three-day “Manifesto” concert here.

In a video originally uploaded by one @heyitsdemianne on TikTok, an airport security officer appeared to be giggling while frisking the seven-member band, particularly Niki, as they walked through a metal detector before boarding their plane back to South Korea from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

The uploader of the video had since set her account to private, as of this writing, but several fans managed to save the video and upload it on social media.

Several airport staff members were also spotted taking videos of the K-pop boy group as they were preparing to fly back home.

Due to the incident, Enhypen’s encounter in NAIA became a trending topic on social media, with the hashtag “#MIAADoBetter” garnering over 34,700 tweets, with most calling out MIAA for its personnel’s supposed unprofessional behavior towards the K-Pop group. Meanwhile, others called the attention of the group’s music label, Belift Lab, to take action towards the matter.

One @ikeugfz accused the airport staff for being a “creep” towards the group, as they pointed out that Niki is still a “minor”.

Twitter user @jinojakex hopes that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

“These airport [staff] from NAIA are very [unprofessional; they] did nothing but ruin the image of the Philippines for the boys from arrival to departure. This issue needs to be addressed asap, like seriously they never learn at all,” they added.

Another @nishiflrts pointed out that the “amount of disrespect” that Enhypen received at NAIA was “too much.”

Twitter user @vmonsrkive accused the airport staff of “taking advantage” of her job.

Following the incident, the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) said in an official statement through its Facebook account that it is “currently investigating the matter” to determine the extent of violation committed based on existing rules and security screening protocols.

The OTS handles airport security matters in transport facilities and ports such as the MIAA. On the other hand,

“The management is currently investigating the matter to determine the extent of violation committed based on existing rules and security screening protocols if any, and impose appropriate administrative sanctions, should it be necessary,” its statement read. “While we understand the excitement brought about by the presence of these Korean artists, we remind not only our personnel, but all airport users, that unauthorized filming at our security screening checkpoints is not allowed as a matter of policy.”

Enhypen, a popular boy group from South Korea which mounted the 2020 survival show “I-Land”, and is best known for their hit songs “Polaroid Love”, “Fever”, “Tamed-Dashed”, and “Blessed-Cursed”, among others, held their concert in Pasay City from Feb. 3 to 5.

The group is composed of seven members, namely, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki. EDV


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