A handmade matcha-green guitar for ‘Voltes V’ actor

Matt Lozano with his electric guitar

Matt Lozano with his electric guitar

Interest in GMA Network’s live-action adaptation of the Japanese robot series “Voltes V” continues to grow with over 2 million YouTube views of the five-minute trailer released last month. Across the network’s media platforms, the total number of views was even higher at over 7 million less than a week after it was first released.

Once the 80-episode series starts airing this year—no specific date yet—the stars of “Voltes V: Legacy” are in for a fun ride where fans will want to know more about what they’re like whether in or out of character.

We asked Matt Lozano, who plays Big Bert Armstrong, what his favorite thing is and he said it was a handmade project he and his father worked on during the pandemic.

“My Dad and I made a custom Stratocaster electric guitar from scratch. During the pandemic, he and I decided to build an electric guitar,” Matt said. “It’s a father and son bond, that’s why it’s so special. I even documented our journey and recorded it from start to finish.”

The Stratocaster electric guitar that Matt and his dad built from scratch.

 Matt chose to paint it a specific shade of green because that’s the color of the uniform he wears in the series. “I wanted it painted green to remind me that Big Bert of ‘Voltes V: Legacy will always be a part of me.”

The fact that the guitar has a scratch makes it even more memorable. “It will always remind me of our hard work. It’s a normal-looking Stratocaster in matcha green color, and it sounds amazing! Even with cheap parts, it has the sound that I have been looking for a long time.”

Matt keeps the guitar on a wall of his mini home studio where he can admire it from a distance. “I’ve used it twice on both my singles from GMA Music ‘Walang Pipigil’ and ‘Kwarto,’ and I will continue to use it in my future gigs.”