Cristine Reyes suffers ‘excruciating’ back pain due to mild disc bulge

Cristine Reyes

Image: Instagram/@cristinereyes

Cristine Reyes has revealed she was diagnosed with a mild disc bulge, causing her to experience “excruciating” pain at her lower back.

The actress and “StarStruck” alum said  she had consultations with three surgeons on her condition as she disclosed the diagnosis on her Instagram page yesterday, Sept. 27.

“I have had two orthopedic surgeons check my lumbar MRI last week and a third opinion early this morning from an arthroscopic surgeon. I’ve been experiencing excruciating lower back pain. All three surgeons said the same thing,” she said.

Reyes also showed herself attempting to do a headstand twice: one where she fell to the floor and slammed her lower back, and another where she successfully did it.

“Awesomely flipped over and slammed my back. I will be expecting a massive muscle spasm later due to that classic fall I recorded just now, apparently I have a mild disc bulge in my lumbar,” she added. “At least, I now have prescription [medicine].”

Among those who wished for Reyes’ recovery were broadcaster Karen Davila, comedian-TV host Melai Cantiveros and her fellow “StarStruck” alum Jade Lopez.

“Praying for your quick recovery Cristine,” Davila said.

“Hala [uy] sana ok ka lang. [Be] better soon,” Cantiveros told Reyes. (Oh no, I hope you are okay. Be better soon.)

“Ooohhhh ouch. Same kayo ni Rock,” Lopez said, referring to her husband. “Naganyan din lumbar n’ya, sakit nga daw n’yan.” (Ooohhhh ouch. You and Rock have the same [condition]. He also has a similar condition in his lumbar, he said it really does hurt.)

Image: Instagram/@cristinereyes

Image: Instagram/@cristinereyes

Image: Instagram/@cristinereyes

Reyes most recently starred in the film “Wedding Dress” together with Xia Vigor and McCoy de Leon.  /ra


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