Mark Herras, Nicole Donesa’s one-year-old son acquires dual citizenship

Mark Herras

Mark Herras, Nicole Donesa and their son Corky. Image: Instagram/@nicole_donesa

Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa’s one-year-old son Corky is now a dual citizen after the kid successfully got a United States passport.

The actress and former beauty queen showed herself with Herras and their son at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, via her Instagram page today, June 28.

“Guess who got their Blue Passport? [Corky],” she said. “Thank you God for making Corky’s Dual Citizenship successful.”

Donesa also showed Corky sleeping in his stroller during their appointment in the embassy, via her Instagram Stories, also today.

“He slept during the whole interview with the consul,” she stated.

Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa’s son Corky. Image: Instagram/@nicole_donesa

Corky was eligible to apply for dual citizenship because Donesa is a Filipino-American citizen. She was born and raised in the U.S., and only moved to the Philippines when she was a teenager.

Meanwhile, Herras and Donesa, who wed in a civil ceremony in September last year, recently started building their dream home which they call “Casa Corky.” JB


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