Proverbs about children

SOME PEOPLE think of children as mindless little creatures. They are in fact spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting a small body whose consciousness is sometimes higher than those who are much older—but, who, on occasion, do foolish things.

That is why it is important for parents to discipline and educate their children well. Here are some proverbs about children that have been handed down from generation to generation:

A bad child is sorrow to his father and bitterness to his mother.

A good child who is restless is like a violin without strings.

It’s easier to discipline a child when he’s still young.

Excessive love spoils a child.

A child who affronts his parents will likewise be affronted by his children.

A child who is fond of criticizing has no friends.

A child who is given all that he demands won’t succeed in life.

An undisciplined child is more bitter than bile.

A child who is severely punished will grow up to be hard-hearted.

A child who causes headaches when he’s younger will cause heartaches when he’s older.

A child’s breeding lies in his parents’ upbringing.

A child who isn’t made to cry will make his mother cry.


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