Martin comes to Pops’ defense

Martin Nievera (left) and Pops Fernandez

If only all ex-couples could be like Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera, “separation” won’t seem so bad, après tout. Because of their cool setup, there ought to be a new kind of status called “It’s uncomplicated.” They are living proof that friendship is indeed the best kind of love.

The enduring charisma of Pops and Martin’s onscreen and onstage tandem will work its magic anew in their talk/musical show, “Ex-es and Whys” (on Cignal TV’s Colours). It’s directed by their son, Robin Nievera. Talk about “fam fun.”

I cornered Mart and asked him how he feels about the crazy rumors that Pops caused the breakup of Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres. He was clueless about it. Mart even asked me, “So they split up na pala?” Then, he came to Pops’ defense.

Here’s Mart’s sentiments about the issue: “Nothing is impossible, and Pops is attractive enough to catch the eye of even the hottest bachelor. But personally speaking, I don’t think Pops has the time or energy to be a ‘secret’ at her ‘age of 28’ (note: Pops always says in jest that she’s 28).

“I think, at this time in her life, she deserves to be more than a secret or a third party. She knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that, so I doubt very much that those rumors are true.”

When I defended Pops in my column last week, her message to me made me love her all the more. With Pipay’s (her nickname) permission, I am sharing her message: “Awww, super thanks, girl. Nakakaloka nga, eh. I’ve been too busy to mind the rumors, and I really don’t know how that started. Let’s please try to get together soon. Super miss you. I am so touched by your write-up in my defense. That just means you know the real me so well. No need for questions and no judgment. You know what I am made of. Love you always, my dear.”

The Concert King and Queen serve as an EX-cellent EX-ample for EX-es on how to live “friendly ever after.”

Van del Rosario

Van will make viewers go Oomph!

There is no stopping Oomph! TV, the country’s biggest multichannel network led by Viva Communications Inc. COO and president Vincent del Rosario and its operating head, Van del Rosario.

It has already established itself as the top online entertainment provider across all social media platforms. This is most notable on YouTube, where Oomph! TV creators have been gaining views and followers.

It can provide a future with wider reach to content creators in terms of tapping regional and international audience and crossing over to other media (from vlogs to films, series, etc.).” All it takes is passion for content creation. Oomph la la!

Here’s my chat with Van:

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Oomph TV is growing faster than expected. We’re constantly beefing up our workforce, facilities, equipment and what not. So, we’re experiencing “growing pains” with the expansion, in order to cater to the needs of our creators.

What are some of the things you learned from your grandfather (Boss Vic)?

Adapt and disrupt. The only thing constant in this world is change. New trends, artists and platforms popping up left and right, so it is to your advantage if you’re able to keep up or, even better, set new trends by disrupting existing ones.

Take care of people, both artists and staff, especially those who are loyal. Health is wealth. Si Boss Vic, mas masipag pang mag-work out kaysa sa akin. He is my #fitspiration—it doesn’t matter how swamped he is with work, he finds time to work out. I guess being a workaholic, it makes sense kasi may “work” pa rin naman in “work out” kaya he likes it. But kidding aside, this helps me get my butt out of bed and onto the treadmill.

What are your Top 5 fave shows on your multichannel network?

My current faves are: Vice Ganda’s vlogs, Julia Barretto’s “Drink and Spill Series,” Donnalyn’s music videos, Beks Battalion pranks and Candy Pangilinan’s “Our Special Love” vlogs.

If you would conceptualize a show for Boss Vic, what will the format and title be?

Title: “Boss Vic in Love.” Format: Talking Head. Everyone turns to Boss Vic for career advice, discovering talents, interpreting or projecting the industry’s landscape, show biz anecdotes and what not. But only a few know that he is also a fantastic love guru. He gives sound advice for matters of the heart, not just to friends, but also to his kids and us apos.

Why should we check out Oomph! TV?

It is where you’ll get your fix. Whatever mood you’re currently in, we have content for that. Say, you’re stressed and would like a good laugh, our comedians will get you to laugh out loud in no time. Gustong magpa-sexy, but scared to go to the gym? We have workout videos that you can easily do at home. Para sa mga heartbroken, we have couple vlogs, music videos, short films, etc. na kaya kang pakiligin, even if wala kang jowa.

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