Denise Laurel encourages self-love after being called ‘fat’

Image: Instagram/@d_laurel

When Denise Laurel was called “fat” at work, she chose to respond to the situation by encouraging others to love themselves and understand their bodies.

The actress met the unsolicited comment from a co-worker last Sunday, Dec. 8, as per her Instagram post on Dec. 9. However, instead of reacting negatively, she took to social media to shed light on how she is embracing her body.

“I love [and] understand me!” she said. “Yes, I’m curvy! On my normal days [I measure up to] 34c-25-37 (cause [of the] booty) and the abs are poppin’ for no reason.”

“On my best days my waistline gets even smaller,” she added. “Sometimes if everything is in sync I go back to my 23.5 waist!”

Even on days Laurel’s waist returns to her usual size, she said she could still look fat. The actress said that as someone with a curvy figure, she is always “one wrong angle, one wrong outfit, one burger away from looking fat.” She also stated that she does not process salt and sugar “very well,” which leads her to retain around 10 pounds of water at times.

Laurel said she knew that she was not fat because she understands her body, and why she was bloated at the time. She explained that the medicines she takes for her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has some side effects such as making her drowsy, hungry and “super bloated.”

The actress also revealed that she does not force herself to work out when she is tired, and eats when she feels hungry. Despite what her body is going through, she does not mind it because she knows that people’s bodies constantly change.

“That’s why [I] ain’t even trippin cause [I] know this is just a transition n break for myself on this fitness journey.. [it’s] all about health for me!” she stated. “Mental, spiritual, physical!”

Laurel clarified that she did make her post because she felt bad, but to remind everyone to love themselves “no matter where” they are.

“[Especially] in those transition periods!” she added. “That’s the time [you] need it the most. LOVE OTHERS in transition!”  /ra


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