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Are you excited about Avengers: Infinity War?

/ 04:47 AM April 10, 2018

Thanos (credit: MARVEL STUDIOS)

No movie in the history of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has been more anticipated in years than “Avengers: Infinity War”.

As each week passes, “Avengers: Infinity War” makes its way closer to cinemas worldwide. But even before the movie comes out, I will say that this will be the peak of grand scale movies to come from the MCU. It will be difficult to topple this one.


Kids, remember this. All the super-heroes and super-villains that you have been watching on the big screen from the MCU first appeared in the Marvel comic books.


Now, let’s get this started.

All the current major key players from Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and The Avengers and many others in the MCU will be here to do battle with ‘The Mad Titan’ Thanos and his evil alien hordes. It can’t possibly get any bigger than this.

Thanos has always been on the top list of the most powerful Marvel super-villains since making his comic book debut many decades ago in the pages of The Invincible Iron Man.

For me, it is only appropriate that when it comes to the hierarchy of Marvel super-villains, “the powers that be” who call the shots in the making of every movie to come from the MCU make Thanos the centerpiece of villainy! Plus, he does have a massive fanbase.

Of all the super-villains to have made their way to the big screen, Thanos is one of the very few comic book characters whose transition to the MCU was not lost in “translation”. Meaning, he still thankfully resembles how he had originally looked like in the pages of Marvel comic books. So, that fact alone– that those involved in the making of this movie did not screw up Thanos–makes it easy even for the most casual of readers of Marvel comic books to recognize him and delightfully say, “Hey, that is Thanos I am seeing on the big screen!”

Cosmic Beings! The MCU has started to venture out of our world and into outer space where there are Marvel-related alien species worth exploring and introducing into the big screen. The Guardians of the Galaxy movies were just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Cosmic Beings and those guys barely resembled how they did in the comics. With that said, trust me when I say there are a ton more of other interesting Cosmic Beings who would blow away cinemagoers once they make their transition into cinemas.


Does the name Galactus ring a bell? Well, he just happens to be one of those awesome Cosmic Beings I am talking about. When ‘The Eater of Worlds’ Galactus finally makes his long-awaited and proper debut in the MCU, that is going to be something else!

The Infinity War storyline in Marvel comic books was the biggest major event in the 90’s. I am fortunate enough to have purchased the issues when they first came out in 1992. Looking back, I had no idea then that decades later a movie was going to be made out of the famed storyline. But it does make me feel happy that the generation of kids now will get to watch it in its cinematic incarnation in “The Avengers: Infinity War”.

However, in this movie, Adam Warlock is missing! For some inexplicable reason, Adam Warlock will not be part of the upcoming movie. This is one fact that kind of upsets longtime comic book collectors and readers like myself since Adam Warlock is also the most important character other than Thanos in The Infinity War storyline in the Marvel comic books.

Why so? Read the comics so you will know. I am not giving away this fact since it will take away the fun of learning about this on your own. But, who knows? They might reference him or acknowledge the existence of Adam Warlock in the movie.

Adam Warlock is the only other Cosmic Being on the side of good who was able to stand toe-to-toe with Thanos in their battles.

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I highly recommend buying The Infinity War issues if you can still find them before watching “Avengers: Infinity War”. Buy the actual issues as I do, though, and not the cheap trade paperback version of them.

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