WATCH: Jimmy Fallon, John Cena become high-pitched teenage girls in ‘Ew!’

Image: Screengrab from Facebook/Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon and wrestling superstar John Cena had some fun transforming into high-pitched teenage girls in “Ew!”, a sketch on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

The wrestler looked top-to-toe girly as Addison Wyatt. In the act, she is visiting her old friend Sara, played by Fallon.

Asked why Addison’s appearance changed since her last visit, Sara said she had a “growth spurt”. Shifting to a deep voice, she added “My mom says I’m going through some changes.”

Their conversation soon revolved around various topics such as cheerleading and boys. They also showed off their dancing skills, and kept saying “Ew!” throughout the whole sketch.

Aside from Cena, previous guests such as Taylor Swift and have also taken part in the sketch. JB


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