Heart-tugging song ‘for martyrs’

1:43 From left: Art Artienda, Jason Allen Estroso, Wayne Avellano and Ced Miranda

Cool boy band 1:43’s official music video for its second comeback single, “Pasensya Na,” was filmed in Taipei. It’s a heart-tugging song that martyrs for love can relate to.

McJim Classic Leather picked the band as the second recipient of its Dreams Get Real OPM advocacy grant. The band’s song is the soundtrack of the brand’s short film “Sinturon,” which garnered over a
million views on Facebook.

Check out the guys’ music video on 1:43’s YouTube or Facebook pages and Spotify—and sing your heart’s stings away.

Paolo’s advice to ‘closet queens’

The camera loves Paolo Ballesteros avec ou sans maquillage (with or without makeup), just like in his current movie “Amnesia Love,” where he has no bad angle.

I always enjoy my text exchange with Pao. We were both lamenting about our zero love life. “Sa ganda nating ito, laban lang para sa karapatan nating mahalin nang tapat at habangbuhay. (With our beauty, let’s just keep fighting for our right to be truly loved forever.)” That was his reply. Carry on, Pao. “Keribels,” beautiful man!

Here’s my chat with Pao:

If you had amnesia, what chapter in your life would you rather forget? None. The challenges in life made me who I am, so I like remembering even the hard times.

What love advice do you find hard to follow? Be rational—because, for me, heart always wins versus the brain.

What’s your unsolicited advice to “closet queens”? Enjoy the closet. Kita-kits (see you)!

When your daughter is old enough, what advice would you give her about men? That not all men are straight. But that doesn’t make them less of a person.

Among all your makeup transformations, which one is the hardest to do? Beyoncé. I can’t seem to find a prominent feature, which is the first thing I look for and accentuate through makeup.

Who among the celebs would you like to doll up to look like you? Dayanara Torres and KC Concepcion.

What has fame taught you? To always be grateful and humble at the same time.

What’s the craziest thing you did for love? The craziest and most painful was to ink my body.

If your life story would be made into a movie, what would the title be and who would you like to portray you? “Venus Man,” and I’d choose Eddie Redmayne to play me.

What’s the best and toughest part about being Paolo Ballesteros? The best part is that I can use what I can do to play dress-up in movies and work. But the hardest part is that most of the time, I’d rather do it myself (makeup and all) than have someone do it for me.


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