Marian and Dingdong trying to rekindle spark in their relationship

Marian Rivera

Because taking care of her daughter has been her top priority for the past two years, Marian Rivera admitted that she and her husband, Dingdong Dantes, have lost some of the intimacy they used to enjoy.

But now that Zia is 2 years old and is starting to do things on her own, the couple is ready to put the spice back into their relationship.

“After you give birth, you then have to look after your child, so your time for your spouse lessens. But I feel we’re past that phase. Now that I can leave Zia without separation anxiety … the intimacy is back!” she recently told reporters.

Change of priorities

“Your priorities change [when you’re a mother], you become more focused on your child. But not as much anymore! Like what my daughter always says, ‘I’m back,’” quipped the 33-year-old actress, who renewed her contract with GMA 7 for three more years.

“We have more time now,” she stressed.

It helps a lot, Marian pointed out, to have a husband like Dingdong, who understands their situation.

“I have always known him to be a patient person. But now, I have realized that indeed, mahaba nga—ang pasensiya niya!” she shrieked. “Titigan pa lang, masayang-masaya na kami!”

In an effort to rekindle the romance or the kilig, Marian said she and Dingdong have started going out on dates more often. “I used to be quite a manang. Now, we go to the bars and mingle with people… It’s like we’re boyfriend and girlfriend again,” she related. “It’s all about maintaining the bond you have as a couple.”

3-day getaway

For Valentine’s Day, Marian related that Dingdong will take her to a three-day getaway to a location that she refused to disclose.
Is her husband fond of showering her with gifts on such special occasions?

“’Yung sarili niya!” she said, drawing laughs.

As she extended her stay with GMA 7, Marian, who had just finished doing the action fantasy series “Super Ma’am,” said she’s looking forward to doing more projects. “There are still a lot of things I can do,” she said.

And thanks to Dingdong’s persuasiveness, she has likewise become more open to doing an indie film.

“I used to be quite hesitant about the idea, because I felt like I couldn’t do it,” the actress said. “Same goes with my management. They convince me to try something new, like Cinemalaya.”


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