A helping hand from Tom Holland

Tom with his action figure

Tom Holland recently took to Instagram to announce the raffling of an action figure of him as Spider-Man, as part of a charity effort spearheaded by his family.

“The Hot Toys ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ [figures] are finally on [their] way,” he said in an Instagram video. “The Brothers Trust … have managed to get our hands on the first-ever one, which I … will be raffling off to make money for some fantastic people.”

The Brothers Trust is a charity cofounded by Holland and his siblings Sam, Paddy and Harry, according to his introduction in the official website (thebrotherstrust.org): “All proceeds raised from our events will be distributed to worthy causes, particularly to charities that might struggle to be heard … [and] can demonstrate real results with the funds we provide.”

These are The Lunchbowl Network, which feeds kids in Kenya; Momentum, for those with life-threatening diseases; and Debra, for people with genetic skin conditions. —OLIVER PULUMBARIT


Opismeyts, February 10, 2018