Follow-up war epic gambit eagerly awaited

Paulo Avelino in “Goyo”

After “Heneral Luna” unexpectedly scored big at the box office some movie seasons ago, producers and viewers have been eagerly and even antsily looking forward to the 2018 showing of Jerrold Tarog and TBA Productions’ follow-up vehicle, “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral,” topbilling Paulo Avelino as the young Gen. Gregorio del Pilar.

Will the new film match or even surpass the great grosses of the film about the decidedly older general and irascible military hero—or, will it fall short of the impressive, record-setting mark for indie productions?

Not a fluke

If it also clicks with viewers, it will prove that “Heneral Luna” was no fluke and confounding exception to the rule
—and that inspiring and galvanizing cinematic war epics are here to stay. And you can bet that other producers will invest big-time in the fave, new film craze.

It would be even better if “Goyo” exceeds “Luna’s” grosses, because it would persuasively indicate that the youth factor, which works well locally for teen flicks and hyper rom-coms, can deliver the extra goods for war dramas, as well.

This would in turn result in the production of more war and action films topbilling young heroes.

Potent affirmation

In a youth-dominated film culture and country like ours, that’s a pertinent development—and potent affirmation.

Paulo wouldn’t be the only young-adult star to benefit from the imminent and potent new trend.
Sometime back, we ticked off the names of over 20 similarly young, buff and dynamic Filipino stars and starlets, who would also prosperously experience an uptick in their heretofore uneventful careers.
Even better, the new trend could also prove to be a boon for some of our young-adult female stars, who could expand their career possibilities to female heroes, as well.

Truly inspiring

Yes, the latest “Darna” production is already poised to do that, but movies about real war heroines would be less escapist and most truly inspiring.

War, action and sci-fi films about young and dynamic heroines are the big rage in Hollywood this season, with Gal Gadot and Daisy Ridley triumphantly setting the big screen and movie record books ablaze.
Why can’t some feisty Filipino heroines join in the inspiring and profitable cinematic fun and games?

Tribute to heroes

Incidentally, other new heroic epics aside from “Goyo” are in the pipeline. We hear tell that a big movie about Fathers Gomez, Burgos and Zamora is being researched and outlined, as well as a tribute to the young Filipino guerrilla fighters and heroes of World War II.

Their daring exploits are not known to many Filipinos, and the fact that they were only in their teens or early 20s when they fought for freedom during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines should stun viewers into rapt attention, admiration and emulation!


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