All-star Pinoy ‘Ocean’s’ in the works

Aga Muhlach

Currently in development is an all-star, Filipino movie inspired by the Hollywood franchise, “Ocean’s Eleven.”

Actor Albert Martinez is cooking up the action movie that will have Cagayan de Oro and Moscow, Russia, as primary locations.

Albert told the Inquirer that he envisions the planned film as a “reunion” for the brightest teen stars of the 1980s, who will be joined by today’s hottest actors. “It’s like 1980s Brat Pack meets Millennial Stars.”

Albert admitted that the movie is “a monumental task. It’s not easy to put together this huge cast in one project.”

Albert Martinez

Apart from Albert, Gabby Concepcion, Richard Gomez, William Martinez and Aga Muhlach are also in the ensemble. The lone rose among the thorns is Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

Early reports noted that some of the stars had already given the concept the thumbs-up and expressed interest in topbilling the project. Meetings have been scheduled, along with a story conference and a look test.

Sharon Cuneta

Then, the production hit a few snags on the road.

Albert had also eyed friends Cesar Montano and Robin Padilla, but they purportedly “begged off.”

There were also reports that Coco Martin, Arjo Atayde and Piolo Pascual have likewise been considered to represent today’s generation of stars.

Piolo Pascual

So far, only Paulo Avelino had signified interest in the project.

Paulo Avelino

This early, there have been all sorts of speculations about the “intriguing” reasons behind the delays. Read: Billing issues have been raised in the tabs. That some stars are squabbling about who should go first in the credits.

Albert categorically denied the rumors: “It’s totally untrue. It’s the script that’s holding it down. We want to make sure that each actor in the film would have equal screen impact.”

At press time, Albert related that the project is still in the development stage. Albert is now planning to present it to two production companies. “I will line produce it for them.” He has also teamed up with Negros Occidental Rep. Albee Benitez, among other partners.

Nevertheless, Albert, who also acts as the film’s creative director, remains optimistic and equally excited about the venture’s prospects this year. “Sharon is very supportive in pushing for the project,” said Albert.

Albert made his directorial debut in the big-budget period romance-drama, “Rosario,” in the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Richard Gomez

Gabby Concepcion


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