Pedicabs for Coco’s colleagues

Coco Martin

What would you give your loved ones this holiday season? What would you like to receive this year? What’s your most memorable Christmas?

My staff in “Ang Probinsyano” has been with me through good and bad times. I appreciate the fact that, like me, they also work hard for the show. This year, I plan to give them something they’ll be able to use to start their own businesses.

Two years ago, I gave pedicabs to some of them. I told them that since show business isn’t a permanent job, they could use those to earn money while they’re “between” projects. This could be their sideline. Also, when they’re busy taping, they could ask relatives to drive the pedicabs for them. This way, they no longer have to worry about putting food on their families’ table every day. This is what I want for all of them—I hope for their lives to improve. —MARINEL R. CRUZ


Tuldok, December 8, 2017