‘Imago’ wins in Italy

Ruby Ruiz in “Imago”

Raymund Ribay Gutierrez’s short film “Imago” won best director at the 35th Sulmona International Film Festival in Italy, from Nov. 8 to 12.

According to the fest’s website, Gutierrez builds on “the legacy” of his mentor, “maestro Brillante Ma Mendoza, [but] with a significant personal touch.” The jury commends Gutierrez whose “distinctive mis-en-scène approaches a controversial topic with remarkable tension and courage.”
Gutierrez told the Inquirer: “It feels great to be recognized internationally … for bringing Philippine culture across the world.”

“Imago” chronicles the struggles of a funeral parlor agent, who’s also a single mom to a child with Down syndrome.

The Sulmona fest “celebrates young cinema from all over the world with a selection of new works from emerging directors and passionate storytellers with unique visions.” —BAYANI SAN DIEGO JR.


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