Now you see them, now you don’t

Every show biz season, hundreds of young unknowns and eager-beaver hopefuls storm the local entertainment industry’s Stars of tomorrow.

Alas, 99 percent of them don’t get what they’ve fervently wished for, and end up as “still struggling” starlets—or worse, as never-weres. Even the few who do make it as stars have to “defend” their stellar slot from year to year.

The show biz adage, “You’re only as good as your last performance,” isn’t just a valid dictum, it’s a constant threat, because even newer and more charismatic comers are always trying to do their best (and worst) to steal your base—and hit their home run!

This season, stars who need to rev up their careers to remain viable contenders in the stellar swim include Enchong Dee.

He’s been given myriad opportunities to shine, but they’ve tended to be momentary spurts of visibility and popularity.


So, his handlers have to be more creative and proactive to find or initiate projects for him to definitively prove his worth.

It could be a creatively and savvily conceptualized indie film, intended to show that Enchong can do more than play the frisky boy next door or sensitive younger brother.

Self-produced indies are an affordable “showcase” route these days, so luminaries can use them to energize their careers and make viewers see them in a bracingly new light.

We also hope that the handlers of kiddie singing champ Lyca Gairanod are coming up with fresh initiatives for her, now that she’s transitioning from child tween performer.

Lyca Gairanod

She deserves to be more than just a former child wonder. If mentored and guided astutely, she could follow the career path of her lookalike, the iconic Nora Aunor. Come to think of it, why not come up with an indie movie for her—with Nora portraying Lyca’s grandmother, to definitively establish and underscore their unique “psychic” connection?

Other show biz luminaries who should work harder and more creatively to re-energize their hard-won careers in 2018 include JM de Guzman, Erich Gonzales, Arjo Atayde, Jovit Baldivino, Ryan Bang, Alexa Ilacad, Diego Loyzaga, Sid Lucero, Elmo Magalona, Daniel Matsunaga, Sam Milby, Vina Morales, Marlo Mortel, Vhong Navarro, KZ Tandingan, Jake Roxas and Khalil Ramos.

They all have “something” going for them and have invested a lot of time and energy in their careers, so they deserve to become busy and popular again—with the essential help of their respective mentors, handlers and managers.

Even as we wax optimistic about these and other waning luminaries’ resurgence, we should also note that Andi Eigenmann recently announced that she’s decided to temporarily put her performing career on hold and focus on taking care of her 5-year-old daughter.

Andi’s fans hope that she will reconsider her decision, because her show biz “lineage” is particularly strong (her parents are no less than thespic icons, Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil)—so, the inherited acting talent is definitely there.


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