Zsa Zsa mines new TV role for all of its sly and slimy ‘kontrabida’ possibilities

Zsa Zsa Padilla

This must be our lucky month for getting our most fervent “casting coup” and “deserved comeback” wishes finally realized:
Right after Amy Austria started acting in a new series (“The Promise of Forever”) after a long hiatus, it’s Zsa Zsa Padilla’s turn to go the comeback route by way of the extended daytime drama, “Wildflower.”

The show’s extended storytelling has compelled it to add new characters to its already contentious cast—and Zsa Zsa’s character is the best and most welcome addition by far.

She plays Red Dragon, the mysterious head of a vicious crime “conglomerate,” with tentacles in many nefarious illegal pursuits of filthy lucre.

Zsa Zsa is the perfect choice to play this omnidextrous exponent of pure evil because she’s “contradictorily” beautiful, her maturing loveliness effectively masking her “maleficent” inner demon.

The actress-singer knows a good showcase when she sees one, and mines her “deliciously nasty” role for all of the sly, sexy and slithery “kontrabida” possibilities it possesses!

She even gets to sing in the drama series—in French, no less—as her daughter in the story (Aiko Melendez) listens, perversely affected.

Zsa Zsa’s belated inclusion in the show is great for viewers, but not so wonderful for the other regular actors in the show, who now have to come up with their best and feistiest work, just to keep from being thoroughly upstaged by the far more gifted late arrival!

Sure, the show is just a shallow daytime teleserye, but Zsa Zsa’s “knowing” involvement somehow makes it more special than usual—so, it’s time to level up, folks!

We’ve been a Zsa Zsa booster from way back, because she’s always tried to come up with her best and most exhilarating performances, both as singer and actress.

Despite the occasional nature of her appearances, we’ve noted that, whenever she does get to perform, it has always been choice and memorable.

We hope that Zsa Zsa’s new TV drama series will remind viewers and producers of her special gift, and make her popular and “in demand” again.

A proven talent like her shouldn’t perform only occasionally, but should be seen and heard on a regular basis, on all performing platforms available!


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