Glamorous celeb nixes troubled firm for big bucks

Can’t really blame Glamorous Celebrity for playing it safe.

Troubled Firm needed to rehabilitate damaged image and thought of hiring GC for a new venture.

GC even availed of TF’s myriad offerings and was satisfied with the results.

Alas, a bigger offer from Established Company came GC’s way.

It was a no-brainer. GC abandoned TF and signed up with EC without batting a false eyelash.

To think, GC had already benefited from TF’s largesse.

Resibo, please!

Two-faced virago

Coworkers loathed Scandalous Personality’s double-talking ways.

During closed-door meetings, SP would act meek, sweet and amiable.

The minute peers’ backs were turned, SP would publicly unleash all sorts of invectives against them.

SP was no team player at all. Moreover, SP’s behavior proved ignorance of basic rules of professional conduct.

With dispatch, SP was kicked out of the group.

Good riddance!

Tongues wagging

There’s no love lost between Popular Charmer and Former Sweetheart.

PC has written off FS whose devious machinations finally got exposed.

FS told a reporter to avoid asking about PC so as not to be construed as user-friendly. The following day, an entire article on FS waxing nostalgic about PC came out, courtesy of a rival newshound. Well, FS can’t help blabbing about PC.

FS needs to do it, in order to remain relevant. PC, on the other hand, can ignore FS and keep tongues wagging still.


Blind loyalty

No wonder Major Star is acting up.

There’s a rumor that Longtime Cohorts are reluctant to work with MS again.

Is it because MS has become too swell-headed for comfort? Is it because MS tends to be too independent-minded? Is it because MS’ bad habits have become much too difficult to ignore?

Or is it all of the above?

Sadly, MS passed up a chance to collaborate with Legendary Veteran out of blind loyalty to LCs.

Tsk. Tsk.

Rated B

From the Inquirer tabloid Bandera:

An extended holiday didn’t do Popular Luminary any good. PL is still a nightmare to work with.

Spoiled rotten by the bosses, PL is habitually tardy. For no reason at all, PL would make coworkers wait.

And if PL was in a foul mood, then the shoot would be canceled, ASAP.

PL would churn out all sorts of flimsy excuses for the constant delays.

Those in the know, however, are certain that PL is merely being obnoxious and spiteful.

Rated B for Bratty.

Top of the tabloids

For those who missed last weekend’s show biz news on TV (and why we are moved, if we are moved):

New ABS-CBN star Pia Wurtzbach on what she’s willing to do to entertain people: “OK sa ’kin na kumanta, sumayaw at lumambitin … basta huwag lang maglipat ng channel ang mga tao!” (Pass the remote.)

Pia Wurtzbach

Aiko Melendez on her scenes in the movie “New Generation Heroes” being “butchered”: “I have a forgiving heart.” (Sings: “Forgive and forget …”)

Aiko Melendez

Alden Richards, asked whom he wants to cuddle with, now that the weather’s getting cooler: “Alam n’yo na kung sino ’yun. Sasabihin ko pa ba?” (Do tell …)

Alden Richards

Ken Chan’s advice for the brokenhearted: “I-appreciate at mahalin niyo ’yong sarili niyo.” (“The Greatest Love of All!”)

Ken Chan

Ai-Ai delas Alas on doing mother roles: “Gusto ko naman ’yon. At parang modesty aside, doon naman ako magaling … sa pagiging nanay.” (No acting required.)

Steven Seagal on doing projects in the Philippines: “The government is friendly to us … We get treated well here. There’s a reason why they call it the ‘Pearl of Asia.’” (The Seagal has landed.)

TV Patrol, 24 Oras


Love Knots, October 18, 2017