Playing ‘favorites’ with Mario Maurer & Sandara Park



They visit the country quite often but every time Asian superstars Mario Maurer and Sandara Park are in Manila, fans still get excited as if it’s their first. And although the two aren’t delinquent in updating their millions of social media followers on what they’re currently busy with, there may be some things that they might not have shared with their supporters yet. Curious about what Mario’s Filipino favorite food is or who Sandara’s favorite actress is? recently sat down and played favorites with the two good-looking stars.


Favorite city

Sandara: Manila

Mario: Bangkok

Favorite beach destination 

Sandara: Palawan

Mario: Boracay


Favorite Filipino food

Sandara: Sinigang

Mario: Pork adobo


Favorite Filipino actor/actress

Sandara: Sandara Park

Mario: Joross Gamboa


Favorite band

Sandara: Boyband PH


Favorite K-Pop star

Mario: Taeyang


Favorite Tagalog word/s

Sandara: Mahal ko kayo (I love you)

Mario: Ingat po (Take care)


Favorite social network

Sandara: Instagram

Mario: Facebook


Favorite emoji

Sandara: Crying emoji

Mario: Cute emoji


You have to watch the video because they tried to imitate their favorite emojis! We promise it’s cute.


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