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Hello there, Tori! What’s up?

/ 12:01 AM March 28, 2017

Tori Garcia (credit: Tori Garcia)

Tori Garcia (credit: Tori Garcia)

Truly, a determining factor for any young artist’s worth is the advancement of her career with the opportunities being offered and made available for her. That much sought after privilege can go at a fast pace or at a steady pace.

For Tori Garcia, she has the second scenario going for her and either way you look at it that is a considerable measure of success dealt her. Not every new artist can say he has the same going for him even though he may be truly talented because that is just the way things go oftentimes… life does not always give what one deserves.

Tori Garcia (credit: Tori Garcia)

Tori Garcia (credit: Tori Garcia)

So far, Tori’s career as a singer-actress has steadily flourished and moved forward. And I couldn’t be happier for her. Indeed, she becomes another example as to why the continued development of young and talented artists is a must. It ensures there will always be the next batch of artists to look out for and nurture in a professional manner. This promotes a never-ending cycle of fresh and bright “new faces” to be introduced to the public.


And one such relatively “new face” to enter the entertainment industry is the pretty Tori Garcia who is a singer-actress. Here below is my follow-up piece on her.



1) If you could produce and direct your own film, what title would you give it and what kind of movie would it be?
Tori Garcia: “Should I, Should I Not?”

2) You have been guesting on more radio shows, is there one question that you would never want to be asked again by the DJ?
Tori Garcia: Hmm…. no, there isn’t. I am open to answer anything. That makes everything more interesting, doesn’t it?
3) What Filipino food have you discovered since you came from Singapore? On a related note, do you like to learn and cook dishes you enjoy?
Tori Garcia: I have tried most Filipino dishes in Singapore but the ones I’ve discovered here are mostly the street food like “dynamite” and suman. Of course, I’d love to learn how to make them!
4) What kind of music are you listening to now? Any specific tracks that you can’t get enough of?
Tori Garcia: Right now, I have Ed Sheeran’s latest album on repeat.

Tori Garcia (credit: Tori Garcia)

Tori Garcia (credit: Tori Garcia)

5) So far, what do you think of the showbiz industry here in the Philippines? Any major differences from that in Singapore?
Tori Garcia: I love the showbiz industry here. It constantly has me working hard to improve after every taping or show that I do. It is a great difference primarily that there are lesser restrictions here.
6) Have you received any advice from any of the veteran artists you have worked with that has become your mantra here?
Tori Garcia: I got this from Nino Muhlach. He told me to “Keep punching. One day I’ll land a great hit and that’s the day I will look back to and enjoy the hard work.”
7) If you could learn any foreign language in an instant, what would that be, and why?
Tori Garcia: I would love to learn French. I know quite a bit of a number of languages already but they are mostly the languages of Asian countries. It would be nice to know a European language.

8) What is the sweetest thing anyone has done for you to show how much you mean to that person?

Tori Garcia: My manager threw me the biggest surprise last year during my birthday. He had me thinking that it was just a show but after performing my set, everyone started to sing “Happy Birthday” including the audience and behind me, there was a giant cake. My manager then gave a speech to show much he appreciated me and how much he believes in me.
9) Roses or chocolates? Or something else? What do you appreciate receiving from an admirer?

Tori Garcia:
CHOCOLATES, or anything sweet, actually. I have such a sweet tooth.
10) Are you normally a morning person or a night owl?

Tori Garcia: I am a night owl.

11) Based on what you have learned so far since entering showbiz here, what is that you wish you could have known a year ago?

Tori Garcia: Not everyone who smiles at you wishes the best for you.

12) Your career has steadily progressed forward with more projects and opportunities made available for you, what do you think is that unique quality or personality trait you possess that has made this happen for you?

Tori Garcia: I believe it is the fact the I learn very quickly.

13) Is there a funny thing or something unexpected that has happened to you while performing in one of your gigs?

Tori Garcia:
There was this one time I had a show out of town and the crowd really knew who I was that in the middle of my performance they broke through security to hug me. There were so many of them that they basically lifted me.
14) What is your most memorable experience so far as a singer-actress?
Tori Garcia: It was when a fan came up to me and told me: “Because of you, I am not afraid to be who I am.”
15) Why is Tori Garcia different from most other young singer-actresses?
Tori Garcia: I believe it is because of my upbringing. My parents raised me to be very adaptable and understanding.

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16) Why is Tori Garcia worth watching and supporting?

Tori Garcia: Because I dedicate all my effort and energy into improving my craft so that I will be able to put a smile on my viewers’ faces.

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