WATCH: David Blane’s tricks shock host Jimmy Fallon, The Roots

David Blaine, as Americans knew him, blew their fragile minds with trailblazing card tricks, endurance stunts and astounding illusions, and the latest victims he preyed upon were none other than Jimmy Fallon and members of the hip-hop band The Roots.

On Friday, the world’s most adroit magician guested at “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote his newest show on ABC, “David Blaine: Beyond Magic.” Supposedly, he promised Fallon and the musicians that he would only perform “simple card tricks.”

To break the ice, the magician plucked five cards from a normal 52-deck card rack and asked Fallon to think of any one of those cards. Blaine begins to single out all the cards in Fallon’s hand, and the only card that retained on his hand was the card Fallon thought earlier. He even amazed band member Tariq Trotter by multiplying the cards he had in his inside pocket.

Even though Fallon was jittering at the two tricks, it appeared that Blane was just warming up for his most preposterous deception yet.

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When asked by Fallon what was the wackiest trick he demonstrated in his two-decade career, Blaine blabbed about performing as a “human aquarium,” or an individual able to shelter creatures inside his body.

Blaine gulped a tall glass of water and cryptically coughed up a real frog, sending Fallon and The Roots in a panic mode. They freaked out again when he swallowed the amphibian back into his stomach.

The episode has been at the 31st spot of YouTube’s most trending videos as of Monday.  Gianna Francesca Catolico


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