Money drives wedge between pals

GERALD Anderson looks forward to screen reunion with Kim Chiu.

There’s more to the raging war between Show biz Insider and Close Pal than the involved parties let on.

Though heartbroken that their friendship was destroyed by money issues, CP had to make a stand and demanded retribution. That’s also because some observers portray SI as the underdog.

A spy notes that CP is not entirely blameless, but it is SI who has left a trail of similar incidents all over town.

Veteran Thespian has complained about SI for unpaid past fees. This and other unsettling tales are now coming out because of CP’s tussle with SI.

Reversal of fortune

Lovely Star seems to know that Glamorous Beauty’s handlers operated a recent smear campaign against her.

For a while there, her enemies succeeded—LS’ career was adversely affected.

JULIA Barretto plans to drop dad’s surname. romy homillada

LS managed to turn things around with her new team.

Conversely, GB suffered setbacks. Talk about reversal of fortune.

LS once muttered: “Some critics think I’m mean … wait till they bump into GB.”


Macho Star and Cute Heartthrob will surely see red when they learn that Hunky Relative has become quite popular in the gay community.

HR makes no bones about his gender preference—he’s out and proud, showing off his scantily clad body for all the world to see.

ROCCO Nacino is thrilled that Lovi Poe opened up about their relationship. Above, the couple in Paris on the night it became official.

And he hangs out with other smoldering studs. Hmmm.

Unfollow me

Newbie Performer feigns innocence when asked about a rumored tiff with Popular Star.

NP made it big with PS’ help, but has seemingly forgotten!

Plus NP can be a tad willful. PS advised her to not copy Topnotch Entertainer’s singing style. Well, NP not only kept aping TE; now she looks like TE.

Mystique or mistake?

LOUISE de los Reyes thinks there is growth outside of a failed affair.

From the Inquirer tabloid Bandera:

Remember Handsome Hunk who plans to bolt Current Studio? Turns out, HH and his Present Handlers don’t agree on his image as a performer.

HH sees himself as a serious entertainer. PHs wanted to build him up as a sexy novelty act—think male Mystica. HH went ballistic.


Walken as Hook

BEVERLY HILLS—Christopher Walken will play Captain Hook in NBC’s live version of “Peter Pan.”

Network entertainment chair Robert Greenblatt told TV critics on Sunday that the Oscar winner will bring his own spin to the role.

Walken could create the first tap-dancing Captain Hook, Greenblatt said, noting the actor got his start in musical theater.

Walken is on the big screen now in Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys,” playing a music-loving mob boss. AP

Here, Dolly Dog!

DOLLY PARTON plans to bring home an abandoned pooch (inset), which is described as “a sweet-natured older lady.” AP

LONDON—Dolly Parton said on Monday that she would adopt a dog named after her that was found abandoned at Britain’s Glastonbury festival if the canine’s owners did not come forward.

The white lurcher was christened Dolly after being found in a tent by volunteers cleaning up after a triumphant set by the country singer at the rock extravaganza in southwest England.

Parton, 68, performed to around 100,000 people, the festival’s biggest crowd, last Sunday. “I will take the dog home to America if nobody claims her within a reasonable amount of time,” she said.

The Happy Landings animal shelter near the Glastonbury site described Dolly the dog as “a sweet-natured older lady.” AFP

Emma Watson, envoy

UNITED NATIONS—The United Nations’ gender equality body UN Women on Tuesday appointed British actress Emma Watson, best known as Hermione in the “Harry Potter” film series, as a goodwill ambassador for the empowerment of young women.

“[It is] truly humbling,” Watson, 24, said in a statement. “Women’s rights are something so inextricably linked with who I am, so rooted in my life, that I can’t imagine an opportunity more exciting.” Reuters

‘Potter’ actor dies

LOS ANGELES—Authorities say “Harry Potter” actor Dave Legeno has died from heatstroke in California’s Death Valley. He was 50.

ACTOR Dave Legeno has died from heatstroke.

The brawny British actor played the werewolf Fenrir Greyback in three “Potter” films and also appeared in “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Batman Begins.” AP

Top of the Talk Shows

For those who missed this week’s TV gabfests (and why we are moved, if we are moved):

Vhong Navarro on Deniece Cornejo’s second rape complaint against him recently junked by the court: “Ako po’y nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng mga taong … naniniwala sa ’kin. Walang ibang makapangyarihan kung ’di ang Panginoon.” (Thunder and lighting.)

Andi Eigenmann, asked if she’s worried about being typecast as a contravida: “Hindi ako natatakot because it’s just about being committed to your role entirely.” (Good answer.)

CHRISTOPHER Walken can be a tap-dancing Hook. AP

Andi on rumored boyfriend Jake Ejercito: “We’re friends!” (Asking her again and again will not change this answer.)

Gerald Anderson on his relationship with Maja Salvador: “The best relationships are the [difficult] ones because you become closer.” (Uh-oh.)

Gerald, asked if he’s ready to do a project with his ex-girlfriend Kim Chiu: “Oo naman, trabaho po ’yan. (Naman. How many times should he be asked?)

Epy Quizon on commemorating dad Dolphy’s death: “We just want to celebrate his life—wala nang iyakan; the mourning is over.” (We can see that.)

Enchong Dee admits having a non-show biz girlfriend: “I’m happy na low-key lang ang relationship namin.” (Kami rin. You have no idea.)

ENCHONG Dee finds happiness in non-show biz girlfriend.

Daniel Padilla on why he calls screen partner Kathryn Bernardo manok: “Kasi mahanginan lang, tulog!” (Cute.)

Rocco Nacino on Lovi Poe revealing that they’re a couple: “Sa Eiffel Tower niya ako sinagot … ang tagal ko ring nanligaw.” (Why are we not surprised?!)

Rocco, asked how he felt that, until now, Lovi had never admitted any of her past relationships: “Kinilig ako.” (Again, we are not surprised.)

Louise de los Reyes on why she broke up with Enzo Pineda: “May mga relationships talaga na ’di magla-last, and you need to grow outside of it.” (That’s insight!)

ANDI Eigenmann is committed to her roles—whether “contravida” or “vida.”

Harlene Bautista on brother Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista’s controversial love woes: “Gusto ko lang maging happy talaga siya.” (Well, he bolted. He’ll be OK.)

Dennis Padilla on daughter Julia Barretto filing a petition to have her father’s surname dropped: “Nung una, tingin ko may karapatan naman siya … kasi marami rin naman akong pagkukulang. But later, I realized she should retain my name kasi anak ko siya … Barretto naman ang screen name niya.” (We wonder, is this totally Julia’s idea?)

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