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Prized radio tandem’s ‘chemistry’ is alive and well on dzBB

/ 12:04 AM March 15, 2014

SOTTO AND CLAVIO. Their program’s popularity is based on their mutual efforts.

We had a good time last Monday morning with Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto as they revived their popular tandem on the new “Double A sa Double B” show on dzBB. Their teamup was popular for years until Ali had to leave the country to be with her US diplomat husband in postings overseas.

Now that she’s back in the Philippines, hopefully for keeps, it was a natural move for dzBB to think of coming up with a new show for its prized tandem.


We tuned in to dzBB early last Monday, and found not just Ali and Arnold, but also Mike Enriquez winging and singing it, as they dished up spontaneous satirical jibes aimed at erring public officials and other “colorful” people in the news.


A rollicking good time was had by all, and we imagined that members of the audience were similarly delighted, because we just love to satirically burst high-and-mighty personages’ inflated balloons of self-importance, don’t we?

Trouble was, the chanting, chortling trio didn’t know when to stop. They kept repeating verses over and over, until the whole deal became too much of a good thing.

In any case, it was generally still a fun experience, and its musical and satirical elements certainly made it different from the usual fire-and-brimstone political and social commentary usually dispensed by self-styled broadcast pundits.

When “Double A” finally got to do their thing as a cohosting tandem, it immediately became clear why their teamup is popular: They feed off each other’s opinions, adding their own reactions and details as they shoot the breeze, and end up presenting a clearer picture of the personality or event up for discussion. It’s  obvious that they genuinely like and respect each other, and don’t feel like they need to compete with one another, because their program’s popularity is based on their mutual efforts.

Other show biz people vaguely talk about the “Y Factor” called “chemistry” between hosting tandems—well, it’s alive and well in “Double A,” feistily exemplified by Arnold and Ali, for all to zestfully experience!

Aside from her obvious “smarts” and heart, what Ali additionally contributes is her singing talent: After all, she started her show biz career as a young and lovely singer named Aloha, before she reinvented herself as a radio-TV host. Now that she’s revived her performing career, we hope that she will go back to the musical mode from time to time, because it’s still what partly defines and enhances her.


Finally, now that Arnold and Ali are back together again, we hope to soon also see Ali on Arnold’s early-morning show, “Unang Hirit,” which can certainly make good use of her versatility, vivacity and verve!

‘Ugaling Wagi’

ANIMATED series promotes positive values

TV outfits regularly pledge to use their shows to promote positive values, but only a few do anything about it. This season, the most striking initiative in that regard to date is the GMA News TV channel’s “Ugaling Wagi” series of 45-second “reminders” about the importance of good manners and right conduct.

The animated series is aimed at young viewers, and parents and teachers welcome the specific emphasis, because they are worried that today’s youths are growing up ill-mannered, and even uncouth.

The “reminder” we caught last Monday morning was about polite behavior while eating, taught to a clueless little Juan by a goofy sidekick, Kalabaw.

Fact is, even adults can pick up tips in that regard, so if viewers of all ages will take the “Ugaling Wagi” series’ reminders to heart, everybody wins!

We hope that other TV networks will come up with their own public-service instructionals to make viewers more aware of their potential for change and self-improvement.

To be sure, some other efforts in this regard have been occasionally evident on the tube, like separate features on “ordinary” Filipinos who have done extraordinary things, like janitors who find and return huge sums of money. To have greater impact, however, these features should be telecast on a more regular basis, even if only in capsule form.

For instance, we noted last Monday that the “Ugaling Wagi” mini-reminders were telecast on an hourly basis, giving them a better chance of “sinking in,” especially when juvenile sensibilities are involved.

Other TV self-improvement campaigns that can be mounted should include one on corruption, to boost the growing national effort to choose to travel the “right and straight” path. It would also be great if a capsule series could be launched that focuses on Filipinos living and working overseas who have come back to serve the country.

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Finally, a series promoting the beneficial effects of arts and culture should go a long way in making viewers more aware of the need to feed the country’s soul, not just its body. Famous artists and stars can be utilized in this particular campaign, for greater “relatability.”

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