My 2013 year-end review (Part 1)

Gloc-9 has definitely reached iconic status. There is no doubt about that. There are a number of ways for one to be deemed a music icon. The more defining manner Gloc-9 has achieved this is that he raises our awareness to things happening around us through his songs which have become potent social commentaries. Gloc-9 has risen from the ranks. He has steadily made a name for himself to be a creative force to be reckoned with not only in Pinoy Hip-Hop but in the entire spectrum of OPM.


What is 2013 without the mention of Miley Cyrus? Not to mention her would be ignoring the obvious.

For good or bad, she has drastically reinvented her public image to the extreme. Miley has definitely “twerked up” a storm and forever more we will never think of her the same way again.

And what is the worse part–or the better one, depending on who you ask–it seems she is just getting started!


One Direction. They have filled the void left by famous boy bands in the past and a lot of kids can’t get enough of their music. Their fans love them. Their albums are hugely successful.

Their merchandise flies off the shelves. They have become a brand in their own right.

What else is there left to say about these five young lads?


Of all the new foreign artists to have their major label debuts in 2013, one name in particular stands out for me. That is the name of Lorde. I am highly impressed with the 17-year old singer-songwriter from New Zealand. Her career has just begun and it feels like she has been around for some time already.

Let us just hope she doesn’t fall into the pitfalls of fame any time soon.


Sarah Geronimo reaching her 10th anniversary is a major milestone for her. I find it amazing just how far she has grown as an artist. Here is one singer that years ago many naysayers had said wouldn’t make it, much less last up to this point in the music industry. I believe she will continue to impress us for many more years to come.


Stars turn to the stage to recharge their thespic ‘batteries’