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Why pick on Zendee?


After watching Zendee being interviewed on a showbiz talk show a while back and seeing her break down emotionally as she was asked about the harsh criticisms she has been receiving from fans of other singers and particularly from fans of one that she even looks up to–that even the interviewer got teary eyed with her sudden outburst of tears–it made me think why “crab mentality” still exists? Why are there people who are so jealous of others that they make it their mission in life to make others as miserable as they are? Do these naysayers think they are doing something good by pulling down a new artist and trying to make her doubt her own capabilities as a singer??? Do these naysayers actually think it is in the best interest of their “idols” that no one else can come close to their stature or to even steal away momentarily the spotlight from them? Then these naysayers are doing a disservice not only to their “idols” but also for OPM as a whole because OPM will always need new singers like her. Why wait for the talent pool to be so thin?

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