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Flashy star shirks frenemy’s minion

JAMES Reid shows off wound from mishap … and his abs, too. Photo from Instagram

Behind the scenes at a festive gathering, Flashy Celeb was locked in a serious chat with Showbiz Insider. FC was consulting SI about the other guests—specifically, who among them could be trusted.

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Xian wants to go solo


While he’s happy to have Kim Chiu as partner, Xian Lim says he hopes to top-bill a solo project soon: “For now, I’m glad to be associated with Kim…But it would be fun to have your own show, to be the title character.” Allan Policarpio

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When push comes to shove, sweet starlet turns sour

VIC SOTTO and Pauleen Luna: He vows to not keep their wedding plans from the media. PHOTOS BY ARNOLD ALMACEN

Sweet Starlet is not as delicate or as dainty as her screen characters paint her. When push comes to shove, she can be quite feisty.

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Missing Xian

KIM CHIU. Inquirer file photo

Kim Chiu says she misses working with screen partner Xian Lim. “We both felt sad, but we’re mere employees and have to follow orders. Our bosses promised we’d have a movie together this year. I hope fans will continue to support Xian. He is a talented actor.”

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Instructive insights from ‘Starting Over Again’


Despite our previously stated notes on scripting flaws in “Starting Over Again,” we congratulate the makers of the film for grossing P300 million after only a couple of weeks in release. This is a signal indication that the mainstream movie industry is slowly but surely climbing out of the rut that it’s inhabited for over a decade now.

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