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Has politics weighed on Oscars race?

Gun-control advocates find Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” politically insensitive to what’s happening in the United States, in the wake of senseless shootings and deaths. Tarantino is prepared if it won’t win any award in the Oscars but “the recognition, being invited to the party, is a lot of fun." INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Perhaps it is no surprise, given that 2012 was a US election year, but this year’s Oscars crop includes a heavy dose of politics—which has arguably influenced Hollywood’s top awards race.

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Michelle Obama hits a ‘home run’


Politicians who want to learn how to project well on TV can learn a lot of lessons from US First Lady Michelle Obama’s recent keynote speech at the Democratic Party’s convention.

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Bush senior considered Clint Eastwood on ticket

Clint Eastwood. AFP file photo

NEW YORK – He faced defeat in a presidential election, he was 18 points down in the polls, and George H.W. Bush needed a partner who could ride to the rescue: Clint Eastwood. At least that was one idea thrown out during the hunt for a vice presidential candidate in the 1988 election, it was […]

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