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Jobs better at keeping personal life private than me – Kutcher

Actor Ashton Kutcher is interviewed as he attends a special screening of "JOBS" hosted by The Wall Street Journal at the Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013, in New York. AP

After embodying Steve Jobs in his new movie, Ashton Kutcher came to admire how the Apple Computer founder was able to balance his public and personal lives.

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All vestiges of stellar privacy going, going–gone!


Many people dream of becoming show biz luminaries due to the many perks that come with stardom—popularity, adulation, money, cachet, special treatment, etc. On the other hand, celebrity has a dark side to it, with loss of privacy leading the list of debit points.

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Financial info on celebs, officials leaked online

Mel Gibson

Authorities and celebrities were grappling Monday with how to respond to a website that posted what appears to be private financial information about top government officials and stars such as Jay-Z and Mel Gibson.

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Singer plans to sue hospital for releasing private information


He was given a second chance at life after the robbery. Now, he fears that might just be taken away.

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