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PH docu competes in Taiwan

Joel Torrre delivers a crackerjack portrayal in “Kabisera.”

Filipino filmmaker Anna Isabelle Matutina’s “Magdalena” is competing in the Asian Vision section of the Taiwan International Film Festival, which will be held from Oct. 9 to 19. The docu, shown at the Wiesbaden (Germany) film fest last year, focuses on a traditional midwife who struggles to make ends meet and care for a pregnant daughter who’s afflicted with leukemia.

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Actor Mark Gil ‘exits’ before dream play can open

mark gil

He never got to fulfill his dream to act in a play with his siblings.

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Japanese rock band famous for anime theme songs hints at PH concert


Japanese rock band L’Arc-en-Ciel hinted of a possible concert in the Philippines, delighting many Filipino fans.

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Award-winning 5-hour Philippine film seeks venue

lav diaz

The Philippine director of an international award-winning movie returned home Monday to presidential accolades and the challenge of finding an audience for his five-hour film.

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Japanese stars mesmerize fans

EMI TAKEI thanks supporters at the premiere.JILSON SECKLER TIU

Whenever Japanese actor Takeru Satoh uttered a word, fans screamed his name, never mind that they couldn’t tell what he was saying. The mere mention of Kamen Rider Den-O, his TV persona, brought a wave of cheers from fans, much to the 25-year-old actor’s amusement.

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