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Advice for the angry

Patrick Garcia FILE PHOTO

Actor Patrick Garcia on how he helps his nonshow biz GF and mother of his 4-month-old daughter handle intrigues: “First of all, alam naman niya ’yung totoo. I explain to her that intrigues are part of show biz, totoo man o hindi. Most importantly, [I tell her] not to get affected; huwag nang magagalit. Kasi, [...]

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Warring couple’s relatives jump in

JANINE Tugonon breaks up with boyfriend on TV. AFP

Relatives of Warring Couple have joined the messy fray. Vociferous Relative of Male Half of WC apparently has an axe to grind against the family of Female Half. Well-placed source says VR goaded MH into making trouble and asking for extra moolah from FH, who naturally went ballistic. FH’s loved ones are livid.

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Philandering performer has abandoned his family

LOVI Poe can find inspiration in anything.

Here’s a post-Valentine tale from the Inquirer tabloid Bandera. Insiders were aghast to learn that Senior Performer strayed from the straight and narrow so late in the game. Apparently, SP’s children were grown up when he decided to take up with a younger girl.   In his youth, SP was able to shun groupies. Perhaps [...]

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Sexy starlet unlucky with men


As they say: Lucky with money; unlucky in love. Although Sexy Starlet scored big in business ventures, she struck out in the romance department.

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Handsome rival spooks cute heartthrob

JENNYLYN Mercado doesn’t mind that Patrick Garcia doesn’t visit.

Cute Heartthrob was tireless in wooing Pretty Starlet. CH even escorted PS abroad, mistakenly thinking he could win the girl’s heart. But Handsome Hunk entered frame.   HH was paired with PS in a project and CH was left out in the cold. CH admitted that this had spooked him. After all, HH has a [...]

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