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Review: ‘Evil’ mostly delivers


A serial-killer mystery in which the culprit turns out to be one of Satan’s minions, Scott Derrickson’s “Deliver Us From Evil” adapts the detective genre to an exorcism tale that is very serious about the prospect of demonic possession. Though based on claims made by real-life NYPD officer-turned-paranormal investigator Ralph Sarchie (played here by Eric Bana), the picture is stolen by a fictional character — a composite religious figure played with a predictable level of smolder by “Carlos” star Edgar Ramirez.

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When in doubt, add more blood

GREEN. Portrays strong, vivid and dominant role in “300: Rise of an Empire.”

The current film, “300: Rise of an Empire,” benefits from the striking visual treatment that made the images in the first “300” film memorable.

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A really good try

VICE Ganda’s most successful characterizations are as a man and woman.
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When we first heard last year that Vice Ganda was planning to star in a film that would require him to play a set of quadruplets made up of four genders (boy, girl, gay, tomboy) we thought it was a brilliant but risky move on his part.

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Review: Streep holds nothing back in brutal drama

This image released by The Weinstein Company shows, from left, Meryl Streep, Julianne Nicholson and Juliette Lewis in a scene from "August: Osage County." AP

Planning some extended family dinners over the holidays? Worried that folks might not get along, that festering tensions might surface, that people might get tipsy and say too much?   Well, here’s an idea: First, go see “August: Osage County,” the blistering film adaptation of the Pulitzer-winning Tracy Letts play starring Meryl Streep and Julia [...]

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Review: ‘Populaire’ is a love letter to ’50s films

This film image released by The Weinstein Company shows Deborah Francois in a scene from "Populaire." AP

“Mad Men” meets “The Artist” in “Populaire,” a superbly crafted, finely acted but somewhat shallow retro rom-com about a young French secretary who, with the help of her highly persuasive boss, hammers her way to becoming one of the fastest typists on the planet.

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