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Tail Tales


My pet Chow Chow Drake is two years old. I got him from a breeder I found online. He’s pretty high-maintenance. He has to shower twice to thrice a week and needs to be brushed constantly so his fur won’t get tangled. I take him to the vet once or twice a month—to check on how he’s doing, or for his regular shots. He gives me pure happiness and a sense of contentment, and valuable training on how to take care of fragile living things, like future children! Pets are always at the door to meet you when you arrive home. Pets keep you company when you’re lonely. Plus, pets always seem content with their lives—that’s incredibly infectious. Drake eats only dog food—it’s tried and tested. I don’t want him to acquire allergies. But sometimes I give him doggie treats. Bayani San Diego Jr.

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Markki Stroem is on a roll

STROEM. More comfortable in “darker,” unconventional fare.

Markki Stroem is playing Shane Gray in the stage version of Disney’s “Camp Rock,” which wraps up its run at Repertory Philippines tomorrow. But, the hunky Filipino-Norwegian runner-up of “Pilipinas Got Talent” swears he’s farthest from Joe Jonas’ singing, dancing and tweener-baiting alter ego. He quips, “This is my ‘happy’ side—but, I’m more comfortable in ‘darker,’ unconventional fare.”

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Gender-bending role for Markki Stroem

STROEM. Makes big-screen debut in Cinema One Originals entry.

We first saw Markki Stroem storm the ramp with shrieking fans at this year’s Cosmo bachelor bash. Recently, when we visited the set of “Slumber Party,” Stroem was transformed into Elle, a bitchy, misunderstood gay, in Emman dela Cruz’s Cinema One Originals entry.

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