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Define ‘sexy’

IT’S EASY to see why men’s mag readers think GMA 7 star Marian Rivera is the tops. PHOTOS BY JILSON SECKLER TIU

Ask any female celeb to define “sexy.” Chances are, she’ll say it’s a state of mind—that it’s not so much about having a great body as being confident in carrying herself.

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Bossy star interferes in illicit affairs

ROCCO Nacino wants a wedding before a baby.

Previous edition of Rushes quoted a mole, who related that Bossy Artist, currently in the midst of a raging controversy, is loathed by coworkers. Peers say BA tends to be meddlesome and arrogant, and is an inveterate complainer, to boot. Here’s the other side of the story: BA told bosses about supposedly bad habits of […]

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Whenever I’m bored, or whenever there’s a long waiting time, I read. I like browsing in bookstores.

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LJ Reyes remains friends with Paulo Avelino


Actress LJ Reyes says she remains friends with actor Paulo Avelino, father to her son Aki, despite breaking up with him recently. “I do not want to speak ill of Aki’s dad. He was never an irresponsible father. In fact, I didn’t have to discuss visitation arrangements with him. I’m very willing to let him see Aki anytime. Our son is only three years old, but I think he understands our setup. I explained to him that his daddy doesn’t live with us anymore. The first time I told him about this, he just gave me a tight hug. Aki is really amazing.” Marinel R. Cruz

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Popular performer skips town after failed romance


Gifted Performer is widely acclaimed in local entertainment, but famously skipped town in a huff.

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