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Philandering performer has abandoned his family

LOVI Poe can find inspiration in anything.

Here’s a post-Valentine tale from the Inquirer tabloid Bandera. Insiders were aghast to learn that Senior Performer strayed from the straight and narrow so late in the game. Apparently, SP’s children were grown up when he decided to take up with a younger girl.   In his youth, SP was able to shun groupies. Perhaps [...]

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Joanna Ampil to play Grizabella in European tour of ‘Cats’

FILIPINO singer-actress will be touring with the company for seven months.

After experiencing not a few white Christmases abroad, singer-actress Joanna Ampil made sure to spend the recent holidays in Manila.

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Joanna Ampil snags UK ‘Grizabella’

AMPIL was offered a year’s contract; she opted for half. PHOTO:JOANNA-AMPIL.COM

Filipino stage actress Joanna Ampil adds another iconic role to her gallery of musical-theater heroines: She plays Grizabella in the United Kingdom and international tours of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” next year.

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