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Review: Hugh Jackman stars in wistful ‘The River’

Theater Review-The River

Those who find they haven’t really a taste for Jez Butterworth’s latest, enigmatic play will find a diversion to keep them happy — a cooking demonstration by Hugh Jackman.

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Did you know…

JANE Lynch’s marriage ends over four years later.

Oscar-nominated Australian actor Hugh Jackman has been treated for skin cancer for the third time in a year, a spokesman said Tuesday.

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Broadway season features Sting, Jackman and Peter Pan

In this publicity image courtesy if Joan Marcus, actor Hugh Jackman, is seen with Emily Tyra, left, Lara Seibert, second from right, and Kearran Giovanni in "Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway," in New York. The show opened Thursday at the Broadhurst Theatre. AP

The 2014-’15 Broadway season has something for everyone—a musical by Sting, a magician-filled SUV, the incomparable Hugh Jackman, the equally regal Helen Mirren, a musical set in a funeral parlor and not one, but two Gyllenhaals.

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‘X-Men’ set to soar at US holiday box office

HUGH Jackman (left) said Michael Fassbender (center) and James McAvoy were “amazing” and made their younger versions of “X-Men” characters “more interesting.”

The latest “X-Men” blockbuster is expected to take North America’s box office by storm this weekend, as the mutant superhero gang reunites for one of the biggest US film-going holidays of the year.

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Hugh Jackman talks about next ‘Wolverine’ film and skin cancer

IN THIS interview, the Aussie actor with a bandaged nose says he wants to make people more aware about carcinoma. RUBEN V. NEPALES

Hugh Jackman walked into a meeting room at the Ritz Carlton in Central Park with a small bandage on the right side of his nose. With the white strip on his face, he looked like he had been in a brawl. He cracked with a grin as he sat down, “I hope this finally puts to bed those nice-guy rumors, all right? That’s done.” Laughing, he jested about who he just had a fight with. “I won’t be doing any more press [tours] with Ian McKellen. That’s it.”

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